Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation in Light Beige and Sand - swatches and first impressions


I included these two foundation sachets in a recent sachet city post (see here) and I'm back now to give you some swatches and first impressions.

First things first, I should say that this foundation is the opposite of what I'm looking for: it's described as a saviour for oily, blemish-prone skin seeking full-coverage, and it apparently has a flawless, velvety matte finish. 

Now I have dry skin and I prefer a lighter base, so anything that's matte and full-coverage just isn't for me. Still, I can make a few comments on the formula that may be useful.

I should also say straight out that this is definitely a first impressions post because I've only used this once for a full day (although I did do two applications - it's just that I wiped it off once because I didn't like how it looked). 

While normally I like to try products a few times before giving you my early thoughts, in this case I didn't want to wear it on my skin again so we're running with a true first impressions post.

Also note that this retails for $81 AUD for 30ml of product, and it hasn't had the best reviews (see eg Mecca's website) so it's definitely one to test before purchase.

Now for swatches. Below I've swatched Light Beige on the left and Sand on the right. Light Beige is described as 'light medium beige with a neutral undertone' and Sand is described as 'medium with a golden undertone'.

There we are in indirect sunlight:

Direct sunlight:

Weaker sunlight:


This product was never going to be for me because it's everything I don't want in a foundation, so I'm not surprised that I don't love it and would never buy it.

It's a medium-thick product that has a very faint scent: the smell reminds me of plastic dolls (like barbie dolls) but it's so faint that I'm only aware of it if I hold the product up to my nose, so it shouldn't bother most people.

It spreads and applies beautifully, and a sheerer coverage is possible with this so you're not stuck with a heavy coverage straight out of the starting gate if that's not what you want.

The thing I like best about this is that it doesn't sit in pores or emphasise texture (unless I don't use a hydrating primer - in that case it looks a bit dry on my dry skin), plus it also has a soft-focus effect so if texture is an issue for you, then this might be worth testing.

I agree that it has a velvety feel and finish, so it should suit those with oily skin who are looking for a soft matte finish that isn't too powdery or dead-looking.

My main issue with the product is that, once it gets to a medium coverage, it looks seriously dry and paint-like on me - that's why I had to wipe it off when I first used it. With a sheerer coverage and a hydrating primer, though, it looked ok. 

It also wore for a good eight hours (and then I had my shower so it could have lasted even longer), so I agree that it's long wearing - or at least it is on my dry skin.

The reviews on this are mixed and while some people love it, others complain that it oxidises, looks cakey or doesn't cover enough, so I wouldn't blind buy this because it's obviously a bit hit-and-miss.

Overall I don't hate this but it's not for my skin type and, even if it were, it still looks cakey unless I only wear a sheer layer.

Not for me.

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