Nude by Nature Soft Focus Illuminator - swatches and first impressions


This product came as a freebie in a Priceline goodies bag, and I must admit I was suspect of it because I've had such bad luck with Nude by Nature overall.

While I'm currently panning my only other liquid highlighter, earlier this month I decided to open this one because I have a makeup inventory post coming up at the end of September and I wanted to know if I would keep this or declutter it before the final count.

I'm decluttering it. More on why below.

Recently I reviewed Nude by Nature's powder foundation (see here), which I didn't like at all because two layers had no coverage and three looked cakey - plus it didn't manage shine so I couldn't even use it as a setting powder.

Before that I reviewed Nude By Nature's BB Cream (see here), which was even worse. It didn't offer good coverage plus it separated and went blotchy on the skin (plus it balled up and flaked off, no matter how little I used) so it was basically unusable and it's the worst BB cream I've tried.

Given how bad the other two products were, I didn't have high hopes for this liquid highlighter and indeed it hasn't worked well for me either.

I think it's quite clear that Nude by Nature is a brand I need to avoid: the products just don't work for my skin.

Below I've done a heavy, a partially blended and a blended swatch in different lights.

Direct sunlight (outdoors):

Indirect sunlight (indoors):

Natural light (outdoors):


I don't like this at all. It's one of those products that's had mixed reviews - some people love it while others hate it (see eg beautyheaven) - so I would definitely test it before purchase.

It's a cream product with a very faint, sweet and fresh scent. It's a peach colour that's a little on the bronze side and it contains very fine bits of glitter. The glitter isn't hugely noticeable but I wouldn't want to wear this alone or mix it with my foundation.

It applies and blends well, and it dries down to a tacky finish: I can feel the film on my skin.

When I applied this to my face with the intention of wearing it under my tinted moisturiser, I was very careful to only apply a little because I didn't want to ball up like the BB cream.

The main thing I noticed after doing this was that the effect was so subtle, that it obviously wasn't going to show throw my tinted moisturiser - even the sheerest one I own. If you wanted to wear this by itself, it barely does enough to be a worthwhile step but it does do something and perhaps you could apply a bit more than I did.

Once this had set, I touched my face to check that I'd be ok to put my tinted moisturiser over it. I wasn't. Sure enough, the product balled up on my face so I had to remove it. Argh.

I don't know what Nude by Nature is putting in its products, but it's something that causes them to dry down to a sticky, weird finish - leaving a film that I personally can feel on my face so I'm always aware that I'm wearing them (I can feel the film shifting and stretching when I move my face or my hands: yuk) - and then they ball up on the skin. That's an especially big problem with something like a liquid illuminator, because of course most people want to put something else over it. With this, you can't - or at least I can't.

As a spot highlighter, it's ok but the sheen it offers is incredibly subtle so it won't be for everyone. I'm all for a subtle highlight, but unfortunately I can see the micro-glitter in this and I also don't like how it feels on my skin anyway so what's the point.

All in all, while in theory this is a reasonably priced highlighter (you get 50ml of product for $22.95 AUD at full price), in practice it's basically unusable for me so I can't recommend it and I'm going to declutter it.


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