Five good things: September 2017


I've had lots of work on over the last two days, which means my brain is pretty fried so the idea of sitting down to write a review post after all that is doing my head in.

Enter monthly positives. It's getting towards the end of the month and I've got so many photos to (attempt to) sneak in today while my husband is working from home, that I'd rather write something a little gentler on my brain so I can turn my mind to those.

Plus the sun's out and it's warm. I'm still sitting here with chilblains on my hands after that god-awful winter - along with scabs on every joint where I've knocked myself on something - so warmer weather can only be a good thing.

It's time.

Our noisy neighbours are moving out

Fellow parents of very young children may understand what a bloody horror the last few months have been for us. We had a quiet tenant living next door, then she moved out - only to be replaced by a couple of young men who apparently work in the music industry, and they've been playing doof doof music every day from around 2pm until 4am.

That's right. Every day. Monday through Sunday: BOOM BOOM BOOM. Of course we went over and spoke to them many times, and they would turn things down a little for 24 hours (you could still hear it), then the noise would be back at the original level only a day later. Since our efforts failed, eventually we had to get the police over a few times and, when that didn't work, our next step was the landlord.

What a bloody nightmare. Who plays loud music every day and night of the week? Them, apparently. Anyway. They're not going to be there for much longer because the landlord is renovating the joint and moving back in, so yes there will be construction noise during the day but that's so much better than DOOF DOOF DOOF every night. Did I mention we have young kids so we're sleep-deprived anyway?!

ARGH. They have a dog that barks a lot too, day and night. Double ARGH. 


I'm about to finish lots of skincare

This won't be exciting to the majority of the population, but for the last few months I've been mostly using the same skincare - and for at least the last six months, some of my items (like cleansers and moisturisers) haven't changed at all.

That's good in a way because I like what I have and it's all been good value since it's lasted so long, but I'm definitely ready to explore new things - especially the Omorovicza kit that I recently unboxed. It's been sitting there taunting me ever since I bought it a few months ago, but I've been good and have focused on what's open first. 

I think October will be a great month for introducing new products overall - makeup included, as my panning bears fruit - and I can't wait.

My daughter has gone up a swimming class, which means one less adult in the pool

I used to teach swimming and I'm a firm believer in introducing it early, which is why both my kids started swimming very young. While that's all well and good, it's meant that ever since my son started, both my husband and myself have needed to be in the pool (one child each).

Yes I like that time spent with whichever child I'm taking for the day, but I hate how much chlorine dries out my hair and skin, and I hate that cold walk home afterwards. Plus I used to love watching from the side of the pool while my husband was in the water, but that stopped when number two started.

Anyway. Two weeks ago they put my toddler up a class so she no longer needs one of us in with her. It's been awesome. We alternate so one of us is in with my son while the other gets to watch my daughter's class.

Happy days.

I've talked myself out of most holiday releases

Every year I get excited about seeing what brands are releasing for the holiday season, but there's also a sense of dread because I know that my wallet could well take a beating if I see limited edition items that I'll have to buy because otherwise I might die. Well not quite, but you know.

This year I've seen plenty of things that I would love to own but most of them I've managed to talk myself out of, even Kat Von D's Saint & Sinner Palette, which to be honest I would buy just for the packaging. It's never an easy thing, seeing limited releases flood in and wanting to own so many of them but knowing that would be ridiculous.

All I'm going to buy this year is Hourglass' two holiday palettes, since I really would die if I didn't own those. And I know I'll use them to death, which is the main thing. Everything else can float off and I'll live without it.

My parents are back next week

Every September, for many years, my parents have gone to Europe for the month to visit my brother and his family (they live in Amsterdam) and also to do some travelling while they're there.

This was never an issue until I had kids. Now, I spend my Septembers without any support because Mum is my main source of babysitting. She doesn't do heaps, but even a couple of visits a week for an hour or so means I can run errands with only the single pram and not the double one (or no pram at all), and it also means that I can take one child to an appointment without having to strap two into the car.

So for the last month it's been me here - day in, day out - and since my husband was away a lot in August, it's been a full-on couple of months. But we're getting to the end of it, so yay.

In sum

That's all from me! I hope you enjoyed this little post, and that you have plenty of your own positives for the month.

One thing I've always noticed about September is, wherever you are and whatever the season, everyone seems ready for the change - whether they've had enough heat and are dying for autumn, or whether they're sick of the cold and can't wait for spring.

It's a good month.

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