Five good things: September 2018


I've been up all night with my sick daughter so I haven't slept (not a wink) and I've got both kids home all day today so I suspect I won't be getting much blogging done.

Still, I want to at least try to write something and since I don't have the head for review posts, looks like we're doing monthly positives.

As you may have noticed, I tend to do these posts when I'm feeling horrific - in some vain attempt to make myself feel marginally better. Ha. One can only try.

In no particular order...

My parents are back in one week

As you may know, my parents tend to go overseas every year to see my brother and his family (they live in Amsterdam), and this year they went for a little bit longer and did more travelling - and coupled with the fact that they weren't available before they left, they've effectively been gone for two months.

It's a long time to be without babysitters, let me tell you. While we don't get a lot of help, when they're here Mum will drop by once a week for a couple of hours and we may also see them on weekends, plus I know I have someone to help out if I need to head off for an appointment or take one of the kids for their immunisations or whatever.

It's felt like a year since they left, I must say, and I can't wait to have the support back. My golly. What a busy couple of months it has been.

It's getting lighter

There are all sorts of reasons behind why I just don't like winter, but one of those is that it gets dark very early and it also takes a while to get light in the mornings.

There's something about longer days that makes life feel a bit easier, and while I can't put my finger on why because it's not as though I'm going into an office in darkness and returning in darkness at the moment, the longer days make a difference.

Sure, I can now get washing dry in one day without using the dryer, but that in itself isn't enough to lift the mood. Perhaps it's also got something to do with the fact that it's easier to get out in the garden now that it's not so damn freezing, and that it's easier to entertain the kids when they can go outside more often because it's not raining or cold.

Indeed, it may be a combination of things. Whatever it is, I'm glad that the darkness has lifted.

My makeup inventory is due in two weeks

Come the end of September, I'm due to write my next makeup inventory - and I'm nervous, I must say!

While I've managed to get my numbers down significantly over the last two years, I did receive a few things for my birthday and those haven't been counted yet so I know that some categories will have gone up.

Despite this, I've still managed to get through quite a few items over the last three months, so what I'm hoping for is an even stevens situation: that is, my overall tally will have stayed the same, despite the things I've acquired and despite the things that I've finished.

We'll soon find out. Looking forward.

I can't wait for the Hourglass Unlocked Palette

As you may know, I was on a makeup no buy for the first half of the year before I opened things up for my birthday month in June, and I've been back on it for the last few months. But I'd always planned to lift it by October so that I could buy one or more of this year's festive releases, which until recently hadn't taken my fancy.

Yes I normally buy Hourglass' festive edit, but this year Volume 4 contains a bunch of products that I already own so I'm not going to buy it. While I'd settled on the idea that I wouldn't be buying anything this Christmas, Hourglass has gone and released a second edit - the Unlocked Palette - which is full of limited edition shades.

It will be mine. It's my Christmas present to myself, and I suspect it will be the only festive release that I buy. Can't wait!

My son's language has gone crazy

At his 18 month check-up with the nurse, my son only had three or four words - and while we weren't particularly worried because he's getting English and Spanish at home (which means that his development with both languages will be a bit behind), I've been pleased to see his language go absolutely crazy over the last few weeks.

Development isn't always linear, and not only has he become ten times more active (and yes, naughty) over the past month, but he's also speaking full sentences now and he'll even repeat a word back to you after hearing it for the first time. It's quite incredible.

Yes his pronunciation needs some work, but it's always nice as a parent to see your child developing normally. 

In sum

That's all from me. It hasn't been easy to write this post, given how tired I am, but at least it wasn't hard to come up with some positives for September.

Now all I need to do is sit tight for a couple of weeks, and by then, my parents will be back, I'll be able to buy the Hourglass palette when it's released, and my makeup inventory will (hopefully) be looking ok.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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