Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Crème in M19 Cool - review and swatches


This concealer was a GWP with a Sephora order a while ago, and I've almost finished it now (it's on my Project Pan list) so it's high time I reviewed it before it's gone for good.

Long story short, I think it's an ok concealer. While it's not the right colour for me because it's a shade too dark and it's also very orange (despite being called 'cool'), I've been able to use it as a corrector and also as my standard concealer on days like today when I'm at home all day and only my kids are going to see my orange under-eyes.

Kat Von D claims/product details:

  • A super-versatile, rich and creamy concealer with 24-hour wear and instant full coverage
  • Does everything a traditional concealer does, and then some: it brightens the under-eye area, covers blemishes and corrects discolouration
  • Next-level formula that applies smoothly and blends easily for a locked-down, smooth and even finish
  • Loaded with complexion-brightening pigments and ultra-nourishing Hydra-Boost Complex™
  • Crease-proof and hydrating; ideal for the delicate under-eye area
  • The applicator was modeled after an artist's paintbrush with a tapered tip for precise corners, and a wide base to efficiently coat larger areas
  • Available in an extensive range of shades 
  • RRP $37 AUD for 6.5ml, but do wait for specials

Shade M19 Cool is described as 'medium peach with cool undertones', and while I'd agree with the medium peach side of things, on me this looks like a very warm orange - especially if I build it (see swatches below).

Do note that I absolutely love the applicator (pictured below). It's a tapered little almost-triangle and the shape is perfect for getting into those corners. I'd love to see more concealer wands done like this.

Below I've given you some swatches alongside the two other concealers I currently own. These are the Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealing Creme in Tahini and the BareMinerals BareSkin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer in Medium.

Weak sunlight:

* L-R: Becca, BareMinerals, KVD M19 heavy and KVD blended

Strong sunlight:

* L-R: Becca, BareMinerals, KVD M19 heavy and KVD blended

Natural light (indoors):

* L-R: Becca, BareMinerals, KVD M19 heavy and KVD blended

Indirect sunlight:

* L-R: Becca, BareMinerals, KVD M19 heavy and KVD blended


This is an ok concealer and I don't mind it, although I prefer both the Becca and the BareMinerals over this one because I find them to be a little more hydrating on my dry skin, and they also don't crease as much as this one does.

It's a cream product that's quite thick in texture although it's not as paint-like as I thought it would be, and it spreads and applies beautifully. It does set down to a tacky finish but I personally need to powder it or otherwise it will crease even more than it already does.

For me, I've found that the best use for this is as a corrector. Given the peach undertone, I apply just a little along the darkest parts of my under-eyes and it does a good job of counteracting those dark rings and giving my standard concealer less work to do.

I've also tried it as a concealer, and what I've found is that it does cover dark circles well on its own (as well as blemishes and the red patches around my nose and chin), but the more I build it, the warmer and more orange it looks - to the point that it makes me look as though I'm sick or have had an allergic reaction around my eye area.

Perhaps it's just that I have strong yellow undertones in my skin, which are making this product look very warm on me. If you had very cool-toned skin, this might look cooler on you. Nevertheless, I'd certainly test this before committing to a purchase.

As a concealer it performs ok, although it has a tendency to crease more than my other two concealers (even when set). It does however last well throughout the day and I think the full-size would be good value because a little goes a long way.

Overall I think this is an ok concealer, and while it's not my favourite, I think it would work well for those who don't struggle with fine lines. I also like that the shade range is huge and I'm absolutely obsessed with the applicator. Indeed, I have a good mind to keep it when I've finished the product and wash/disinfect it before continuing to use it!


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