Origins High Potency Night-a-Mins Cream - review


As you may know, I unboxed an Origins skincare set a couple of months ago and over the past week I've been reviewing each item in turn.

Note, though, that I still have two items that I haven't opened yet - purely because I'm waiting until I finish more stuff before replacing it with those products - so the reviews of those two won't happen for a while.

Next up is this night cream, which I'm really enjoying and which I think is one of the better products I've tried from this set so far.

Origins claims/product details:

  • Rise and shine with skin that's radiant and refreshed with this mineral-enriched night cream that works wonders while you sleep to diminish dullness and dead skin cells
  • A nature-infused night cream that replenishes your skin overnight
  • A silky formula enriched with vitamins c, e and h to hydrate and restore
  • A series of relaxing aromas sends you off to sleep before time-releasing minerals gently exfoliate dead layers to reveal brighter, plump, more youthful-looking skin
  • Dullness is diminished and damage is repaired so you start the new day with a complexion that is rested and radiant
  • Suitable for normal to combination skin
  • RRP $64 AUD for 50ml


This is a lovely cream and I'm enjoying using it, and I might have put it on my list of potential purchases except that it's apparently no longer stocked at Mecca, which is annoying for those who like it and indeed it's had some good reviews (see eg Mecca's website).

It's a white cream with an orange scent. It applies, spreads and absorbs well, and it's quite thick and rich but not so much so that it weighs the skin down or doesn't absorb properly.

I've been using this at night for the last couple of months and my skin really likes it. Not only does it make my dry skin feel comfortable, but it seems to have a resurfacing effect so my face looks fresher and brighter after use, and it also feels smoother too.

I also like that it makes my skin feel softer and more hydrated, and while it does leave behind a tacky finish, I don't mind that because it's a night cream so it doesn't interfere with my makeup.

On the claims: yes I think this helps diminish dullness and dead skin cells; yes I think it replenishes and refreshes the skin; yes I think it hydrates and restores; and yes I think it makes my skin look more bright, radiant and youthful (at least temporarily).

Overall I think this is a great cream and I recommend it, although it's annoying that you can't buy it anymore. Perhaps it will continue to show up in some of Origins' skincare kits, of which there are usually many available. In any event, it's not quite as good as the Korres night cream I tried recently (reviewed here) so I would probably have opted for that one anyway.


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