Trilogy Rosapene Radiance Serum - review


I've been using this serum on and off for a few months now, and I've tried it during cooler weather when my skin is drier and also warmer weather when my skin is more in balance, so I've given it a good test run and it's safe to say that my skin just doesn't like it.

Indeed, it works so badly for me that I've given it a 'disappointing products' tag, which I so rarely do. Yes Trilogy is a good brand and I know that a lot of people swear by it, and while I've had a reasonable experience of it so far, this particular product doesn't work for me and I can't recommend it. More on that below.

Trilogy claims/product details:

  • Instantly skin-smoothing and nourishing with Rosapene™, sea algae and aloe
  • A silky textured serum to hydrate, refresh and instantly smooth skin
  • Formulated with our unique antioxidant complex Rosapene™, a blend of rosehip oil and powerful antioxidants, this certified natural serum nourishes skin while helping protect against free radical damage
  • Sea algae helps boost skin radiance, while aloe maintains moisture balance and soothes for a smoother, glowing complexion
  • RRP $42.95 AUD for 30ml, but do shop around (I bought mine at half-price)


This product doesn't work for me at all, although note that it's had some excellent reviews online (see eg beautyheaven), so it obviously works well for some - but it just doesn't gel with my skin and it's one of the most disappointing products I've tried this year.

First, I wouldn't call this a serum. It's more of a thin cream or lotion in texture, and I've never seen anything like this called a serum before. This mightn't be an issue, but for the next point.

Second, it just doesn't want to absorb. No matter how little I apply, I'm left with white streaks all over my face that won't rub in. It's bloody annoying, and I don't have time for all that - especially in the mornings when I'm rushing to get the kids organised. 

Third, not only does it not absorb, but it completely coats my skin so that my moisturiser can't penetrate through it. I used it again this morning and not only did it leave my skin feeling incredibly dry after use (as though it had sucked all the life from my skin), but my face still felt dry and uncomfortable even after I'd whacked on both an oil and a moisturiser over the top. So it doesn't hydrate, and it also prevents anything else from getting in there and nourishing my skin. And despite later adding a hydrating primer and also a greasy sunscreen, my face still feels like a cracked desert. It's going to be a long day...

Fourth, it's incredibly sticky and it leaves a very tacky coating on my face. It's almost like glue. Indeed, the finish this leaves behind is easily the stickiest I've come across. It's stickier than my primers. No wonder nothing will penetrate through it. Blurgh.

Fifth, it hasn't done anything positive for my skin. I mean, of course it hasn't. If it's not absorbing, then it's not going to do anything effective. So in my experience, it doesn't meet any of its claims and it prevents my other products from meeting their claims too.

In other news it has a nice herbal smell and I like the packaging - it looks good and I like that it comes with a pump - but they're really the only good things I can say about it.

Overall I obviously don't like this product and I can't recommend it. The only way I've been able to use it is to mix a small amount with my face oil, so then the mix hydrates my skin and doesn't leave a coating. But it's going to take me ages to finish it that way and I'm honestly close to just turfing it.


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Audrea Lambert said...

I found this for 5 dollors.I use it to moisturize Mr cuticle and hands.I don't like the scent and I think that's why I don't use it on my face

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