Manicare Nail Polish Remover Pads (Coconut) - review


I reviewed the floral versions of these ages ago (see here) and liked them so much that I went ahead and bought the coconut versions as soon as I'd finished them.

Since then, this review has been sitting in my draft posts for close to a year. Reason being, I don't have time to paint my nails these days because I have a 3yo and an almost-2yo, so my hands are always in use and I don't have the energy to paint them anyway.

But I've been using these pads for other things (I mark my Project Pan items with nail polish), and over the last month, I've made sure to paint my toenails a couple of times so I could go ahead and finally test these properly.

I like them. A lot. Let's just dispense with the old-style nail polish remover forever, shall we?!

Manicare claims/product details:

  • Provides nails with a moisturising and scented alternative to nail polish remover
  • Formulated to remove all traces of nail polish without the strong smell of regular removers
  • Nail-brightening formula moisturises and nourishes nails using vitamin e  
  • Acetone free
  • Available in: Coconut and Floral
  • RRP $4.95 AUD for 32 pads, but do shop around (I bought mine at half-price)


These are great. I mean, nail polish remover that travels well, doesn't smell horrendous and does the job brilliantly? I'm not sure you can do better.

They work like nobody's business. I find that I only need one pad to remove the polish from all ten nails, and I've even managed to use one for twenty nails before when I'd used a paler, thinner colour on both my hands and feet.

Note that I like these coconut ones better than the floral ones in terms of fragrance. Not only do I love the smell of coconut as a general rule, but I find the scent of these ones isn't quite as potent as it is with the floral versions. In any event, either smell beats the scent of your regular polish remover.

The pads are very thin and you'll be surprised by how much mileage you can get from such a tiny bit of cloth (I certainly was). Plus they're a lot more travel-friendly than your standard nail polish remover that comes in a bottle. They're small and light, and you could bring them in your cabin luggage on flights because they're not liquid. Genius.

While they do leave behind an oily residue, I don't mind that because it feels moisturising (so that claim is true). I do prefer washing that residue off before re-painting my nails, however - just in case it interferes with the polish.

Overall I can't recommend these enough - particularly if you're lazy like me and want to keep fuss to a minimum. I'm also loving that you don't need to go through a bundle of makeup pads (which I go through all too quickly as it is) when you use these: all you need is one little included pad and you're done. 


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