Sukin Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner - review


A while ago I used these for a month, and when they weren't working for my dry hair, I tried them on my kids' normal hair to see if they worked better for them. They didn't. While they're not terrible, they haven't been great for any of us so I'll be glad to get through them.

Indeed, I've been using them again for the past two weeks so I could review them, and everything I remember about them is the same. That is, the shampoo doesn't wash well and the conditioner isn't concentrated enough so I need to use a lot in order to get it to do anything, plus it leaves my hair looking dull and feeling heavy. More on that below.

Sukin claims/product details:

  • Both products claim to help nourish and condition the scalp while repairing and strengthening dry, damaged hair
  • The shampoo is infused with moisturising shea butter and coconut extract, and contains olive oil to help strengthen hair, reduce frizz and add shine
  • The conditioner contains the same ingredients, plus sesame oil and vitamin e
  • Together the products should add lustre to dull hair and help reduce frizz, leaving hair soft and manageable
  • The products feature an aroma of coconut and lime to invigorate the senses
  • RRP $14.95 AUD each for 500ml


These products are ok but they don't work well for either mine or my kids' hair so I wouldn't buy them again.

Let's start with the shampoo. It's a clear, lightweight gel that's on the thin side and it doesn't lather well. It also doesn't clean well, and even if my hair isn't that dirty, I still need to do three washes with this (I'd normally do two) and I also need to use a lot per application - say two or three times more than I would with any other shampoo.

And if my hair is dirty/greasy or has some leave-in product in it, forget it. This shampoo just won't deal with any of that, so I'll need to do a wash with another shampoo before using this one. I can also tell as I'm washing it out that it hasn't cleaned my hair well because my hair still feels dirty to the touch.

As for the conditioner, it's ok but it's also not very concentrated so I need to use a lot per application (at least twice the amount that I would with another conditioner). Also note that I've run into trouble before if I haven't washed it out completely - and it needs a lot of time under the shower to get most of it out.

Plus even then I never feel that I've quite washed all of it out, and today when I brushed my hair after using these products last night, I could still feel the conditioner in it (my hair looks dull and feels heavy and coated too) so I've had to apply dry shampoo to manage the issue.

Worth noting is that these products work about the same on my kids' normal hair (mine's dry), so it's safe to say that they're not suitable for our household and I wouldn't buy them again.

Overall I don't like these products and while they're not awful, I don't recommend them and neither works well for us. Indeed, I'm looking forward to finishing them so I can move on to something else!

Not for me.

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