Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion - review


Yesterday I posted on the hand cream from this set so I thought I would do the body cream today, which is the last item I have left to review - so after this, I'll be able to write my round-up post of the set as a whole and draw a line underneath it.

Long story short, it's a nice cream but it's also an expensive one and I'm getting through it rather quickly, so I don't think it's good value and I also don't think you need to spend this much on body products. More on that below.

Clarins claims/product details:

  • Smooths, replenishes and firms the skin
  • Tender loving care in a balm for dry, dehydrated, damaged and fragile skin
  • Enriched with peach milk, shea butter and orange blossom wax
  • Visibly minimises the signs of ageing caused by sun, cold, heating and air conditioning
  • Softens rough skin, improves skintone and gently eliminates dead skin cells that make the complexion look dull
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Hydrates from within and soothes
  • Restores softness and firmness
  • Leaves the skin satiny smooth
  • RRP $58 AUD for 200ml


This product is ok but it's expensive for what it is and I'm burning through mine so it's not good value on a price-per-use basis.

It's a white cream that's thick and rich, and it has a strong scent that lingers so do be aware of that because, like most Clarins products I've tried, it's heavy on the artificial fragrance and it won't be for everyone.

It spreads and absorbs well, and I like that about it because my skin is dry so I'm always up for some decent moisture. Thankfully this does nourish and hydrate my skin without weighing it down, so that's a plus and I like how it feels on my skin.

Note that it leaves a tacky finish that won't suit everyone, although it's not too bad and I don't really notice it. I suspect that if you prefer lighter creams, though, then this product won't be for you.

On the claims: yes it smooths and replenishes the skin but I don't think it firms it; yes I do think it's been good for my dry, dehydrated skin; no I don't think it has minimised the visible signs of ageing; and yes I do think that it softens my skin while also soothing and hydrating it.

Overall I think this is a nice body cream but it's very expensive and I'm also getting through mine far too quickly because I need to use a lot per application. The scent is also too strong for my personal tastes and I always prefer natural fragrances anyway.

Not for me.

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