Project Pan 2018: August update


Hello and welcome to my next Project Pan full update for the year.

I'm sorry that I'm almost a week late with this post, it's just that August was a bugger of a month so I'm behind on everything. 

Hoh well. We're here now.

Here's what's left on my list:

  • Becca First Light Priming Filter
  • MUFE Ultra HD Foundation in Y305
  • Natio Tinted Moisturiser SPF 20 in Honey
  • Australis Matchmaker Shade Adjusting Drops (Lightening)
  • Bobbi Brown Bronzer in Medium 2
  • L'Oreal Pure Clay Exfoliating & Smoothing Red Algae Mask
  • Urban Decay Anti-ageing Eyshadow Primer Potion
  • Laura Mercier Baked Powder in Highlight 01
  • Inika Certified Organic Pure Primer with Hyaluronic Acid
  • Marc Jacobs gloss in Rah Rah!
  • Revlon HD Gel Lipcolour in 760 Vineyard
  • Natio Tinted Moisturiser SPF 20 in Neutral
  • Becca Tinted Eye Primer

So I finished five products this month and I've got eight left, meaning I can introduce two more below.

What I've also decided to do this month is switch out my Bobbi Brown bronzer, for the simple reason that I don't think I'll finish it before the end of the year and I would instead like to focus on something that I can finish (see below).

Here's how the Bobbi Brown product looked last month:

And here's how it's looking now:

As you can see, the first whisper of the ring pattern is starting to show through across the centre of the pan. 

While I haven't made much progress on this bronzer throughout the year (I worked on it earlier this year as part of Project Dent before bringing it into Project Pan last month), I've certainly made some.

I do like this product, and although it's not my favourite, I'll look forward to panning it next year.

As for my 'bronzer' replacement:

It's my Becca Mineral Blush in Bolero. I do really love this shade (especially on the eyes) but I have 4.5 Becca blushes and I'd like to start getting through some of them - they're some of the oldest powders in my collection.

These pans are 6g in size and I reckon I have somewhere between 3 and 4g to go. We'll see. Wish me luck! I'd really like to pan it as my bronzer this year. It's a line ball call I reckon.

Next, my my Laura Mercier highlighter.

Here's how it looked last month:

And here's how it's looking now:

As you can see, I haven't made much progress this month but I have made some. I'm still doubtful as to whether I can finish it by Christmas, but I'll certainly try. If not, expect to see it in PP 2019.

While I don't mind this highlighter and I can see why everyone raves about it, I am getting sick of it now: it's too frosty for me to wear on its own so I have to mix it every use. I'm tired of mixing! 

My Becca primer is getting there, and I reckon I can finish it this month (fingers crossed). I would like to buy it again eventually, once I've panned my way down to three or four primers (if that ever happens ; )).

As for my MUFE foundation, I got so close to finishing this in August and I'm expecting it to go sometime in the next couple of weeks. I do like this product but it's my least-favourite of the three foundations I have open, so I'm ready to say goodbye to it. Fingers crossed that will happen sooner rather than later.

My Australis whitening drops are getting close, but they'll outlive the foundation so I'll have to find some other way to pan them when the MUFE product is gone. Having said this, I did want to test whether I could use my Natio mixer (see below) as a dedicated tinted moisturser, and since I'd need to add quite a bit of the Australis product (which has more coverage) to that, I may be able to achieve this. We'll see.

My Natio tinted moisturiser in Honey has a reasonable amount of use, although I'm not sure I'll be able to finish it by my next makeup inventory post (due at the end of September). I guess that will depend on how often I need to reapply my sunscreen (I'm mixing some of this in to make that last longer) and also on whether it makes a good dedicated base. We'll see.

My Urban Decay eye primer is getting close now. As you may know, I'd hoped to finish the product this month - and I don't plan on cutting open the tube because it doesn't work that well for me - so going by my current progress, I'll absolutely get there in September. Huzzah! 

Next, my L'Oreal mask, as it was last month:

And here's how it's looking now:

While I was using this mask twice a week at the beginning of August, things went haywire over the last three weeks so I must have only used it three or four times. Annoying! I'll have to do better going forward.

I don't mind this product but it doesn't do a lot for me so I'll look forward to finishing it.

As for my replacements, unsurprisingly I've picked two lip products. I've chosen these because I know I'll get through them quickly, so hopefully I might be able to pan one before the end of this month.

First up, it's my Revlon HD Lip Gel in Coral.

I panned one of these last month (and it only took me a month because you get 1.7g in these), so I may well be able to pan one in the next month.

While I do like the formula, my one in Vineyard travelled up my lip lines: I'm hoping my other two shades don't do the same.

You guessed it! It's my other one of these Revlon lip gels, in the shade Dessert.

I'm not sure how I'm planning to run things this month yet: either I'll work mostly on one of them or I'll use them equally. They do look good together when mixed, too, so I can have a play and get three different shades from two colours.

Looking forward!

In sum

That's all from me. I hope you've enjoyed this update. Thank god I finally got there in the end!

Fingers crossed for me that I can knock out a good few products before September's update. I'd really like to get my makeup numbers down before then. We'll see.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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