Project Dent 2018: Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Palette


At the moment I'm going through my makeup collection to work out what has and hasn't been dented yet this year, just to make sure that everything gets used in 2018.

Next up is this Hourglass highlighter palette, which I admit I haven't used much since I bought it - for the simple reason that it's not quite Hourglass on the skin and it has a tendency to emphasise texture.

Nevertheless, I love it on the eyes so that's how I'll mostly be using it over the denting period.

If you're interested in seeing my review of this palette, it's here. As mentioned above, while I do like it, it's not my favourite Hourglass product because it doesn't give you that lit-from-within, airbrushed look that I've come to expect from Hourglass: it's too intense and 'lit-from-without' for that (which is admittedly why a lot of people love it).

Also, the shades it contains are dupes for Hourglass' regular highlighters in terms of colour (if not intensity and finish), so because I already own and love Brilliant Strobe Light and Euphoric Strobe Light, I'm not going to reach for Pure Strobe Light or Lucent Strobe Light from this palette because they're exactly the same colours as the other two respectively - a fact which no one seems to mention. See my review for comparison swatches so you can see what I mean.

There's Absolute Strobe Light, indirect sunlight:

Enhanced for clarity:

Pure Strobe Light, indirect sunlight:

Enhanced for clarity:

And Lucent Strobe Light, indirect sunlight: 

 Enhanced for clarity:

I'm looking forward to denting this palette, I must admit - not only because I don't like that it's been sitting in my collection gathering dust, but also because I remember really loving it on the eyes.

As for whether we'll see much progress over the denting period, I don't think we will. But hopefully I can wear down some of that original latticed pattern in the surface of the pans so they look a little more worn.

That's all from me. Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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