Project Dent 2018: Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Eyeshadow Palette in Edgitorial


As you may know, I've been denting my Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette over the last fortnight - and while initially I'd planned to keep at it for a whole month, I've decided to wind things up now because I'm ready to try something else.

So I'll write that update post tomorrow, but for now, I'm introducing my next item for Project Dent. That way I can start using it today and keep things moving, thereby ensuring that everything I own gets plenty of use this year.

Yep, it's my Marc Jacobs eyeshadow palette in Edgitorial. This was the first one I bought, and the one that encouraged me to buy two more - before settling on another two after that. Yes that's right, I own five. Yikes.

I must really like the formula...

I've decided to dent this one now because the greens seem to suit the half winter/half spring weather we're having these days, plus I'm denting a nude blush at the moment and these colours work well with that.

If you're interested, I've reviewed the version of this palette in Provocouture here.

As far as I can tell, the formulas between the different palettes are largely comparable, although I'll review them all separately and let you know my thoughts on that aspect later on.

What I can say now, though, is that I've already used this palette quite a lot and I do enjoy it, so I'm planning to review it over the denting period because my thoughts on the formula are already pretty definite. We'll confirm those thoughts over the next fortnight.

When these palettes were released, this was the one that spoke to me first - especially because I didn't have much green in my collection.

There it is:

Direct sunlight:

There's the left half of the palette, direct sunlight:

Same shot, enhanced for clarity:

Right side, direct sunlight (noting that the first shade is repeated): 

Same shot, enhanced for clarity:

So, you can see that I've used this palette a bit although there's certainly not a huge amount of progress to speak of.

My aim over the denting period will be to get some visible progress happening in all seven shades, and I'll also aim to review it and let you know how it compares to Provocouture (the palette I've already reviewed from this range).

Looking forward! Can't wait to use this more often.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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