Freezeframe Flash White - review and swatches


This product came as a freebie in a Priceline goodies bag and I was rather suspicious of it because I don't want anything that whitens my skin, for the simple reason that I look better when I'm darker because my age spots seem less pronounced.

Plus I've come to be nervous about products that claim to whiten the skin because I've used those before when I was subscribed to the Korean Memebox and some of them smelled like bleach (not something you want anywhere near your face!).

Thankfully this product isn't like those at all, and turns out I really like it. More on why below.

Freezeframe claims/product details:

  • The instant white filter for your face
  • A whitening and radiance gel 
  • Contains concentrated brightening beads, which work their whitening, skin perfecting magic when blended into the skin
  • In five seconds, creates a white filter effect for instantly fairer, more radiant and unified skin
  • Also reduces melanin and skin darkening, protects against UV oxidation and reduces wrinkle appearance
  • To use: apply a small amount, spreading to form an even cover across the skin's surface
  • RRP $49.95 for 30ml, but do shop around


This product surprised me and I do really like the effect it gives on my skin, although I wouldn't buy it at full price because it's rather expensive and I don't think it's worth that much. Still, I might buy it during a half-price sale - although not for a while because I don't have the time for an extra step in my routine at the moment, which is why I'm planning to introduce this product to Project Pan shortly.

It's a clear gel product with little white beads inside it that burst and spread when you start rubbing it in. It's very lightweight but there's something a little hydrating about it too, so I wasn't surprised to see oil in the formula.

While it does have a slight whitening effect on the skin, it's not enough to make my face look too different from my neck and upper chest.

What it does do, though, is blur texture and make my face look smoother overall. It's quite incredible, to be honest, and it's a great product to use after my moisturiser because it makes me look a little younger.

It dries down to a slightly tacky finish that would make it a good primer too, so you could absolutely use it for this purpose if you wanted to. After all, if it's blurring texture and looks good on the skin by itself, the tacky finish and smooth look that it gives my face make it an excellent base for makeup.

Funnily enough I wasn't expecting to like this product, but I very much do. What I've done in the past with this is whacked it on as a last step before doing the kinder run in the mornings, so at least my bare face looks less lined and also less pore-y.

For this reason it would be a good product for those who don't wear makeup often but might be open to looking a little more polished with this product and nothing else. Indeed, I may well recommend it to my mum.

Overall I think this is a great little product and I do recommend it, which surprised me because I wasn't expecting to like it at all! Given the price, though, I would wait for specials because it's expensive for what it is.

Definitely worth trying.

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