Olay Total Effects Foaming Cleanser - review


I received this cleanser in a Priceline goodies bag and I wasn't going to keep it because I was worried that it would be too astringent (based on the reviews I'd read and also the fact that it foams), but in the end I decided to open it because I'm low on body wash so I knew I could use it for that if it didn't work for my face and thereby save myself a purchase.

Unfortunately I do think it's too astringent for my face and it does dry me out, but I can still use a little as a body wash because my body can tolerate more than my face can, so at least I'll be able to finish it that way.

Olay claims/product details:

  • A daily foaming cleanser that revitalises skin with gentle cleansing to provide seven anti-ageing benefits in one
  • Has a foamy lather that gently removes dirt and impurities while enhancing skin’s natural radiance
  • Removes oil and makeup without over-drying the skin
  • Helps lift away dull surface skin
  • Gentle on skin 
  • Non-comedogenic
  • To use: apply to wet face and neck; massage gently in circular movements; rinse thoroughly with warm water; use twice daily
  • RRP $13.99 AUD for 100g, but do shop around


I don't recommend this cleanser and I'm not the first person to have said that it strips the skin (whether you're oily or dry), so I would steer clear of it and I'm not going to use it on my face anymore now that I've tested it.

It's a white, creamy gel product with an artificial, perfume-like scent - and indeed it contains artificial fragrance. Do note that the scent is quite strong and 'fragrance' is higher on the ingredients list than I'm used to seeing (around halfway), so I would steer clear of this if you have sensitive skin.

It foams up very well and the foam it creates is quite lovely - soft, creamy and velvety - but despite how nice it feels on the face, my skin has that stripped, squeaky clean feel after I've used this and I can tell that it's not doing good things for my face.

Indeed, I tested the pH of this product and it came in at somewhere between an eight and a nine, so it's definitely too alkaline and I would avoid it. I don't think it's worth risking your skin's health for a product like this. 

Note that my skin is dry and this product dries it out further, and I've also seen lasses with oily skin say that this strips their skin too and causes it to produce more oil (so they get more blemishes), meaning I'm not sure this product would suit anyone and I would certainly be careful of using it.

Overall I don't like this product and I can't recommend it. It's astringent and it has dried out my skin, to the point where I can't use it on my face.


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