Mecca Cosmetica Lit From Within Illuminating Drops - review and swatches


This liquid illuminator was on my Project Pan list a while ago and I kept meaning to review it, but then I lost the little container that I'd scraped the remaining product into so I haven't been able to do so until now - thankfully my husband finally found that container in the car two weeks ago and I've been playing with what's left since then.

While I do think it's an ok product, it's not my favourite illuminator and I still prefer Becca's offering (I've reviewed one here), especially because the Becca product is better value when you consider the amount you get. More on that below.

Mecca claims/product details:

  • Own your glow with our customisable, ultra-pigmented illuminating drops that adorn the skin with a delicate sheen
  • Our face-flattering drops can be mixed with moisturisers, primer, SPF or foundation to add luminosity, or applied directly to the skin as a serum, balancing skintone, offsetting uneven pigmentation and blurring imperfections
  • RRP $45 AUD for 15ml

The bottle comes with a pump, which I appreciate, and it's glass so it mightn't suit those who want to travel with it. Still, you can always squirt some into a small container and just use that, which is what I usually do.

Now for swatches. Below I've swatched this alongside Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfectors (Liquid) in Opal and Champage Pop.

Direct sunlight:

* L-R: Becca Champagne Pop, Becca Opal, Mecca Drops and Mecca Drops blended

Indirect sunlight:


I think this is an ok product but it's not my favourite liquid illuminator and it's also quite expensive for the amount you get so that's something to keep in mind. By comparison, a Becca illuminator costs $62 AUD for 50ml (so over three times the amount of product) and you can often buy them discounted with a code or during sales.

It's a standard liquid illuminator that comes in a little glass bottle with a pump. I use my fingers to apply it and the product doesn't emphasise texture so that's a plus.

Note that it's a peach colour and I've seen a few people with my colouring (light/medium to medium) say it's too dark for them. I haven't found that, although I don't apply much and it sheers out a lot because it's very thin, so I don't get much coloured pigment from this once it's applied.

What I do get, however, is a good amount of visible glitter, and that's not what I want from my highlighters. I prefer a natural sheen, and anything with glitter in it isn't going to offer that. Indeed, there seems to be more glitter in this than there is pigment or sheen, and for this reason I prefer the Becca.

By comparison, the Becca is more pigmented so I don't need to use as much, it has more of a sheen rather than glitter, and it's also a thicker product so I find it easier to work with because it doesn't run and diffuse everywhere. The Mecca product is so thin and slippery that I find it harder to use for spot highlighting.

For this reason I've preferred to use this illuminator mixed in with my foundation, and it does offer a nice glow but I find that I need to use quite a lot of it to achieve that, and by then I can see the visible glitter on my face when I step into the light.

Overall I think this product is ok but it's expensive for the amount you get and it's not my favourite formula anyway because it's not that easy to work with and it also contains noticeable glitter.


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