QV Hand Cream SPF 15 - review


We received this hand cream from the Parcel ages ago (unboxing post here) and it's taken me a while to open and review it because I've had a bundle of hand creams in back-log and it's only recently that I've started to get through them.

This is one of those products that I don't mind but I don't love - and to be honest, part of the reason why I'm ok with it is because it contains sunscreen and so few hand creams do. Why is that, I wonder? Your hands age as quickly as your face, after all.

QV claims/product details:
  • Luxurious formula that nourishes and moisturises your hands
  • Its restorative abilities help protect your hands
  • Instantly delivers the moisture your hands need without a greasy after-feel
  • With daily use, hands are restored
  • Helps keep nails well-conditioned
  • The formula is pH balanced to help maintain the skin's natural protective properties
  • Free from colour, fragrance, propylene glycol and lanolin, making it suitable for sensitive skin
  • Dermatologically tested
  • To use: work cream from fingertips to wrists, including the nails and cuticles, paying attention to the back of the hands
  • RRP $6.05 AUD for 50g

I've had a look online at some reviews of this product because I'm always interested in seeing what others think of something as compared to my own thoughts, and it's had some great reviews on Beautyheaven's website (see here).

Mind you, there are people who've noted the same issues I have - including the waxiness, the absorption issues and also the coating the product leaves behind. More on that below.


This product is ok. It's not my favourite but I've certainly used it happily enough and you could do a lot worse - especially because it's cheap.

It's a white cream that's quite thick and I can't detect any scent so I agree that it's fragrance free. You can also tell that it doesn't contain any nasties: I have chilblains again at the moment (damn, I thought winter had finished?!) and it hasn't irritated those or made matters worse.

I guess because it's a thicker formula, the cream takes some work to spread and rub in. Sure it's not like I'm sitting here for ages with white streaks that I can't massage away, but it takes more work than any other hand cream I've used recently.

Once applied, I agree that it doesn't exactly have a greasy after-feel - but it does have a waxy one. I don't like it. It definitely leaves behind a film that I'm always aware of, and it just keeps getting worse and building on itself if you need to keep reapplying it, as I do (with young kids, I'm always washing my hands and applying cream afterwards to keep my dry skin comfortable).

Also, I'm not sure how completely this cream absorbs. I think some of it does because my hands don't feel super dry when I use this, but they also don't feel particularly hydrated so it's not the most effective hand cream I've used.

On the claims: I do think this nourishes/moisturises a little but not as much as I would like; I do think it helps protect the hands because it leaves a coating over them; I haven't noticed any restorative effect while using this over the last month (not on my hands or nails); but I do agree that this product is gentle and suitable for sensitive skin.

All in all, this product is ok but it's not perfect and it's not one I would buy. Yes I love that it contains sunscreen and doesn't cost much, but I would rather use a hand cream that does more for me and then apply a dedicated sunscreen when I need to.

If you're after a heavy duty, inexpensive and no-fuss hand cream, I recommend Dermal Therapy's offering (reviewed here) over this one.


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