Simple Radiance Brightening Facial Wash - review


My sister-in-law gave me a few Simple products when she and her partner stayed with us at Christmastime, which was very kind of her and I've been slowing opening and reviewing them in turn.

Two of the products were cleansers and this is one of them. I don't think much of the other cleanser (review coming soon) but I'm pleased to report that I'm really enjoying this one and it's definitely one I would buy. 

Problem is, I can't find it anywhere online (eg doesn't look like either Priceline or Chemist Warehouse stocks it), so I may run into problems when I want to repurchase it. Let's hope not!

Simple claims/product details:
  • A perfect blend of ingredients and light-reflecting particles to help cleanse and remove impurities while leaving skin visibly brightened
  • Our special blend of cleansing goodness contains mango extract, glycerin, pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin C
  • No perfume, no colour
  • No unnecessary ingredients so it won't upset your skin
  • Dermatologically tested and approved
  • Perfect for even sensitive skin
  • To use: in your hands, work a small amount into a lather; massage onto wet skin and rinse with water
  • RRP $9.99 AUD for 125ml (this is an estimate based on other Simple cleansers: I can't find a price-point for this one)


This is a lovely product and I'm really enjoying it. Indeed, it's one of the nicest cleansers I've used in a while and definitely the nicest budget cleanser I've tried in ages.

It's a white product that's medium thick and it sits somewhere between a gel and a cream. It has this really beautiful, fresh and creamy scent that's a little sweet and I swear, I'm getting addicted to the smell. I love it.

I mostly use this as my in-shower cleanser in the evenings, but I've used it occasionally in the mornings too - just to see whether it brightens the skin as claimed. It does a bit. Perhaps because my face is left so soft, clean and gently hydrated after use.

The instructions say to work a small amount into a lather. I'm not sure what Simple is talking about here because the product definitely doesn't lather - at least, not as I understand the word. If you add water, it spreads and thins out (of course) and feels a little more creamy. But I'm not seeing lather. Hoh well. No big deal.

Worth noting is that I've tested the pH of this cleanser and my strips tell me that it sits somewhere between a five and a six, which is good news because that means it's not alkaline or harsh on the skin. It certainly doesn't feel harsh. It feels lovely and creamy and good.

On the claims: yes I do think it cleanses well and removes impurities; yes it does leave your face looking a touch brighter; I agree that it doesn't upset your skin; and yes I think it would suit sensitive skin. 

My skin isn't super sensitive but it can be (especially when I'm using active ingredients, as I am now) but it is dry and this cleanser has kept it feeling comfortable throughout winter.

Overall, I'm really loving this little cleanser and I recommend it. I'll let you know if and when I do find an outlet, because I do plan to buy myself another one and I so rarely say that about skincare so that's telling you something.


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