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You may remember that I bought this setting spray when Priceline was last having one of its makeup goodies bag promotions.

At the time I needed a new setting spray so I thought why not. I bought both this one and an Australis spray because both were on special and I get through setting sprays reasonably quickly, and while I quite liked the Australis one (reviewed here), this one I don't like at all. More on why below.

Very little about makeup is universal because we all have different needs, preferences, skin types and skintones, but if there's one thing that we could just about call universal, it's that surely everyone wants a setting spray with a mist that's fine enough and doesn't deposit droplets all over your face that risk leaving holes in your makeup.

Every review of a setting spray I've seen has commented on the quality of the spray itself, and I must say, this one's rubbish. It's not fine enough and it does put droplets everywhere, and these do leave holes in my makeup. After using it once and ruining my whole face, I of course decanted it into another container. If only the spray itself were the only thing wrong with it.

Models Prefer claims/product details:
  • The secret to a professional makeup finish
  • A lightweight and comfortable spray 
  • Provides the final touch for a fresh, flawless, long-lasting look
  • A professional formulation that has been specially developed to protect against daily and environmental factors such as perspiration, pollution and heat
  • To use: after applying makeup, hold 15cm from your face and spray lightly; allow to air dry; use throughout the day to refresh the skin
  • RRP $14.99 AUD for 120ml, but do shop around

This product has mixed reviews on Priceline's website and some good reviews on Beautyheaven's website, both of which I checked before deciding to buy it.

Worth noting is that quite a few people have said it sting their eyes very badly: while I myself haven't had that problem - yes sometimes it gets in there and stings a little, but I've certainly used worse - that's definitely something to keep in mind.


I don't like this product at all. It's not so bad that I would give it a 'disappointing products' tag and I'll still use it, but it's not one I'm enjoying and I definitely wouldn't buy it again.

As mentioned above, the spray itself isn't fine enough so it deposits droplets all over your face and they're the kind of droplets that do leave holes in your makeup. It's also quite a forceful spray so I wouldn't hold it too close: it just feels a bit, I dunno, violent - and the force can also shift your makeup so be aware of that too.

For these reasons I decanted the product into an empty spray container with a better mist after I first used it (and ruined my makeup), but my issues with the product don't end there.

While I haven't had huge problems with this stinging my eyes like some people have, occasionally a little does sneak into my eyes and I'm aware of a mild stinging/discomfort. It's not enough to really hurt or make my eyes water, but I have noticed it from time to time so that's worth mentioning too.

Also, the product smells like cheap perfume and it's a scent I don't enjoy. I don't like the idea of spraying something that smells like that onto my face: it just doesn't feel right.

Another thing I don't like about this is that it doesn't feel refreshing or cooling when applied, which is unusual because most sprays I've tried at least have that going for them. It just feels wet. It's also not hydrating at all so I wouldn't recommend it for dry skin because it doesn't help my skin feel more comfortable throughout the day.

Plus the product dries down to leave a sticky finish that I don't like and, if I spray too much (or spray it more than once throughout the day), I can feel it building on itself so I'm really aware of it on my skin. Not cool.

I also wouldn't say that it plumps up lines like some face sprays do so it doesn't make me look healthier or younger once it's dried, nor does it prolong the wear of my makeup - although I do have dry skin that clings to makeup so I often don't notice much difference with facial sprays when it comes to longevity.

Overall I obviously don't like this product and I can't recommend it. If you're after a good budget option, I always suggest Banana Boat's After Sun Spray (reviewed here); and if longevity is your biggest concern, I'm yet to find a setting spray that does the job better than Urban Decay's All Nighter (reviewed here).


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