Project Dent 2017 update: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Luminous Light #2


Earlier today I did my Project Dent update on my Hourglass Surreal Light Palette (see here), and now I'm back to do my update post on this Hourglass bronzer.

I've been denting them together because I've finished the bronzer pan in the palette (mainly because I didn't get enough brown so I was using it as a setting powder), and indeed I may end up throwing them both into Project Pan or Pan that Palette next year so I can get through them.

I've also decided that I'm going to wrap up both Pan that Palette and Project Pan early this year. I might do both for another month and see how I go, but I'm just about ready to free myself up to use whatever I want to for a month or two before Christmas, then I'll bring both projects back for 2018.

Also, I'm quite keen to dent more of my products before the end of the year, so if I wrap up Pan that Palette sooner rather than later, I'll have more space to do that.

Anyhoo! This bronzer. I've dented it before. If you'd like to see my last update post, it's here.

I've also reviewed it: see here if you're interested.

And here's my intro post for this round of Project Dent.

So, here's how my bronzer looked back on 17 September 2017, when I reintroduced it to Project Dent:

And here's how it looks today, 28 September 2017:

Below I've enhanced the above two shots for clarity.

Here's how it looked on 17 September:

And here's how it looks today:

So, you can really see the difference in the surface bubbles/texture and the product has also been visibly flattened - or perhaps I can just see that because I know it's happened.

Denting this bronzer again has made me realise that it won't be too difficult to pan: not only is it a mini, but I do need to build it quite a bit to get it to show up well on my skintone (unlike Radiant Bronze Light, which is so pigmented that I need to be more careful).

This is also my favourite formula for bronzers, and while I prefer Radiant Bronze Light on me, this one in Luminous Bronze Light is still a pleasure to use so I'll really enjoy panning it.

Now, to pick out my next item for Project Dent. I may well pick Radiant Bronze Light because I haven't even reviewed that yet, and better to dent it now before I do introduce this mini to Project Pan...

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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