Project Pan 2017 mini update #30


Today I have a short Project Pan update to write: I've finished the above sleep spray from This Works and I've had to remove the Pureplus+ lip gloss from circulation because it's turned so it's started stinging my lips a little. Annoying but there it is.

Both these items are newer inclusions and I'm pleased to be through them because that means I've reduced my list a bit more and of course I've removed two more things from my collection.

This poor gloss has a story. You may remember that it was on my Project Pan list last year, but unfortunately I lost it so I had to cross it out.

Then it showed up this year in a jacket pocket, so I reintroduced it - only to lose it again shortly afterwards. After that I found it in another jacket pocket so back it came, but of course it's been open for ages now so it's no surprise that it's started to go rancid.

You'll see above that I've used about half, and to be honest it's probably more than that because I didn't bother re-marking it for these photos.

I'm a little annoyed that I managed to lose it twice - that's why I wasn't able to pan it before it expired - and I did really like it when it was in its prime, but such is life.

This spray was useless and I'm glad I've finished it. You're meant to spray it on your pillow to help promote a good night's sleep, but it certainly didn't help me in the slightest.

I'm not surprised about that because I've been suffering from severe chronic insomnia for over twelve years now, but when I saw all the rave reviews I had to try it. Silly me.

Hoh well. There's my marker below:

In sum

That's all from me!

I'm calling both of these products 'finished' for the purposes of Project Pan, even though I didn't get there with the lip gloss before it turned.

I'm not introducing replacements for now because, as mentioned in earlier posts, I would like to reduce my list down to no more than twelve products so I need to finish more things without replacing them to achieve that.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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