Project Pan 2017 mini update #32


Today I'm super happy to be writing another Project Pan mini update, since that means I've managed to sneak in more empties before the end of the month.

This morning I was pleased to finally cut open the tube of my BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Gel and scrape out the remains, and by lunchtime this Stevie K lipstick was worn down to the bottom of the upper bullet. Huzzah!

The BareMinerals product had about one sixth left, and I've just realised that I forgot to photograph the other side of the tube where my markers are. Oops! Apologies. I'll try to remember to do that in my upcoming empties post.

There it is again:

One thing to note is that, as usual, once I couldn't squeeze out any more product and I cut open the tube, a lot more was left than I was expecting. Honestly, years of cutting tubes open and I'm still surprised by how much product remains when you've squeezed and squeezed for your life. 

So what I did was scrape out the remaining product into a little container and I expect that to last me around a week, maybe less. But since the tube is now empty and we're almost at the end, I'm calling this finished for the purposes of Project Pan.

As for my second empty:

It's my Stevie K Lipstick in King Kylie. I don't like this enough to scrape the remaining product out, so I'm also calling this empty. Plus I have too many other lip products to work on and I've already had good use from this so I'm calling it done.

There's my marker sheet below:

I only introduced this lipstick at the beginning of September and I had basically the whole bullet left, so I wasn't lying when I reviewed this and said that it goes on super thickly and would be easy to pan! Yes that's a good thing for panning purposes, but it also means that these lipsticks aren't great value because they don't last.

I didn't hate this product but I'm glad it's gone and I'll look forward to introducing another lipstick to my list soon.

For the moment, I'm only replacing these with one item - that way I'm still working towards my goal of reducing my list to no more than twelve products.

Here's what I'm going to pan next:

It's my Gorgeous Cosmetics Prism Powder Highlighter (reviewed here). I do enjoy this product but I've decided that it's not essential to my collection, which is why I've slowly been working on it since January.

Now that I've hit substantial pan and there's an end in sight, I've decided to introduce it to Project Pan with the intention of finishing it before the end of the year.

There it is again:

This is a very subtle highlight and I like it for no makeup days, but I've managed to use it so much because it also makes a good glowy setting powder.

While nothing compares to Hourglass' Dim Light, this can be used in a similar way: to add a bit of life and radiance to the complexion without adding glitter or shine. The difference between them (other than the colour) is that Dim Light blurs imperfections and this one doesn't, which is why I tend to use it on days when we're mostly hanging out at home. 

I've also been known to mix it with any matte bronzer I use to add some life. Plus it works well to set my under-eye concealer because it brightens the area and helps lift any darkness.

I'm not sure if I can finish this by the end of the year but I'll certainly try. If I'm double-purposing it as not only a setting powder but also a highlighter and a mixer product for matte bronzers and blushes, I may well get there.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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