Elemental Herbology Moisture Replenish Lip Nourish Plumping Lip Balm - review


I finished my Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask (reviewed here) a couple of months ago and I had this Elemental Herbology lip balm in back-up because I wanted to try something new.

Thankfully I do like it, although I like the Laneige a little better so I wouldn't buy it again. Also, it looks as though Elemental Herbology is no longer stocked at Mecca, so it wouldn't be that easy to get my hands on this again anyway. Hoh well.

Elemental Herbology claims/product details:

  • Smooth, soften and prep the lips for application of your fave lipsticks with this botanical-based, naturally plumping balm
  • A nourishing lip balm formulated with the finest natural botanicals and actives to reveal softer, smoother lips
  • The silky-smooth texture melts into the lips effortlessly, giving instant relief from dryness and tightness
  • Keeps the lips hydrated, soothed and protected all day long
  • Also makes for the perfect pre-lipstick priming step
  • RRP $20 AUD for 12ml


I think this is a nice product, and while it's not my favourite so I wouldn't buy it again, I do enjoy it and it does what I need it to do so that's the main thing.

It's a standard lip balm in a pot and it has no scent. It's a hard balm in texture, but it's soft enough that it's easy to pick up enough with my finger when I go to apply it.

It spreads and applies well, and it also sits on the lips nicely and feels comfortable. I've used too many lip balms lately that are too waxy in texture (so I don't like how they feel and I'm always aware I've got them on), but this isn't like that and I don't notice I'm wearing it.

I've been using mine in the overnight spot for the last two months and it works well for that, although you could certainly apply it during the day if you wanted to. What I find is that it works reasonably well overnight, so a couple of nightly applications will ensure that my lips aren't too dry when I wake up the next morning.

Do note that my lips are super dry and quite sensitive so I have a lot of trouble finding lip balms, and too many of them don't hydrate or nourish my lips enough. Too many also contain peppermint oil, which I have a sensitivity to, so the number of lip balms that work for me is quite small and I struggle to find good ones. Thankfully this one does work and it does what it's meant to do, it just doesn't do it as well as the Laneige so I'm more likely to buy that over this.

Overall I think this is a good product that generally meets its claims (although there's nothing plumping about it) and I recommend it. Sure, it's quite expensive for a lip balm, but it works and you get a decent amount of product so it's a good investment.

Worth trying.

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