Makeup inventory: September 2019


Hello and welcome to my next makeup inventory post for 2019.

My last inventory post was in June (see here), and I haven't bought much makeup since then so I'll be interested to see how my numbers have dropped over the last three months.

Let's have a look.


Last update I had two and I still have two. While I finished a couple, I also bought more in one of Sephora's 20 percent off sales - otherwise I wouldn't have had any.

My goal was four or five so I've managed to beat that, and there's even room to buy another one. Happy with this category!

Setting sprays

Last update I had one and I still have one. While that's a good amount for me, I wouldn't mind owning another one - so I may ask for one for Christmas.

No more than two is my goal here.

Liquid/cream illuminators

I had one and I still have one. Currently it's on my Project Pan list because I would like to get through it and try something else, so hopefully that happens soon.

One's my goal so we're good here.

Liquid foundations

I had two and I now have three because I bought one. This is a good amount for me so I won't buy any more until I need to replace the ones I own.

My goal is no more than three.

Shade adjusting drops/foundation mixers

I had zero and I still have zero. Happily I don't need any more for now because the foundations I own match me, but I will likely need to buy more in future - especially once we hit summer.

Two's my goal so we've beaten it.

Cream eyeshadows/bases and primers

Previously I had one (being one dedicated eye primer) and I now have two because I bought one of Hourglass' fabled Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadows. And gosh I love that, so I may need to buy a couple more...

My goal was no more than one dedicated eye primer, but I'll increase this category to three because I know I'll use the Hourglass cream eyeshadows so it won't hurt to own some of those too.

BB/CC creams and tinted moisturisers

I had one and I now have zero because I finished my last one, so I'll need to buy another one because these kinds of bases are my favourites and I'll definitely need one that contains sunscreen as we head into summer. I'll either buy an old favourite or try something new. Looking forward.

My goal is no more than two.


I had one and I still have one, and I'll have that for a while because I don't use much each time.

One is enough for me so I've met my goal in this category.


I had one and I still have one, which is a good amount for me because I don't need much concealer - although the one I have is better for my winter skintone, so I may need to buy myself another one down the track. We'll see.

No more than two is my goal here.

Powder foundations

I had one and I now have two because I'm about to finish the one I own and I needed a replacement for it. 

That's enough for me because I have dry skin and prefer liquids.

Setting powders

I had two and I still have two.

While initially my goal was one, I'm changing that to three or four because I would like to explore the setting powder category (something I haven't done before) and work out what the best ones are, whether budget or high-end. So I'm ok with this category for now and I plan to buy another one soon.

Finishing powders

I had one and I still have one. Happy with that.

Face palettes

I had three and I still have three.

I don't really have a goal here but three is probably too many for me, so I'll aim to pan myself down to two eventually.

Bronzers/contour powders

I had five and I still have five. While I panned two bronzers this year, both were from my custom palettes so they don't affect the numbers under this heading.

My goal is four, so I'm not far away from that - and considering that I use one of my bronzers as a contour because it's neutral/cool, I can live with five for now.


I had seven and I now have six because I was able to move one into my custom palettes (so that will be counted below). 

I'm happy with that amount for the moment but I wouldn't mind finishing some so I can try new things. Blushes however take ages to pan so I'm not holding my breath.


I had five and I now have four because I panned one.

My goal was no more than five so I'm happy with where things are.

Eyeshadow palettes (small and large)

I had fourteen and I now have thirteen because I panned one. This is what I have left: three quints, five septets and five larger palettes. Too many.

I don't know how I'm going to get through these palettes in a reasonable timeframe because eyeshadow takes so long to pan, but I guess all I can do is work on one at a time.

My goal for the moment is ten, so that's what I'll work towards next year.


I had one and I still have one.

That's my goal: I don't use much eyeliner.


I had six and I now have five. Thankfully all the ones I have left are travel-sizes so they won't take too long to get through, and I only have one or two open at a time because mascaras don't last that long before you need to turf them - so there's no point having a variety to choose from (at least in my case).

My goal here is no more than four: one or two open, and one or two in back-up. We're almost there.

Brow products

I had two and I still have two: one pencil and one coloured gel. 

Two's my goal, so we're there.


I had three and I still have three.

My goal here is no more than four, for the simple reason that I prefer glosses and I'm happy to have less lipsticks and more glosses, so this category is fine for now.

Lip balms

I had one and I now have two.

That's fine. I use lip balms something chronic so I'm happy to buy more later on, but that's enough for the moment.

Lip glosses

I had five and I still have five. Even though I panned some, I also bought a couple. 

My goal is no more than six so I'm happy with this category for now. 

Custom palettes

I have six custom palettes: three larger ones and three smaller ones.

In my last inventory I had:

  • four bronzers 
  • five blushes, one being a half-size
  • one setting powder 
  • seven highlighters (one being a mini and one being a half-size)
  • thirty-nine eyeshadows 

I now have:

  • three bronzers (I finished one)
  • six blushes (one being a mini and one being a half-size)
  • one setting powder 
  • six highlighters (one being a mini)
  • forty-four eyeshadows 

As mentioned previously, my goal with this section is not so much to get the numbers down (I want my custom palettes to be full), but instead to keep finishing pans so I can continue to de-pot my individual powders and bring those into my palettes. I reach for these daily and everything in them gets plenty of use. 

So I've done ok with this section because we can see there's been some movement: that's all I'm aiming for here.

The final tally

Here we go... *nervous face*

If I count my custom palettes as only six items and don't count the individual pans, I now have 71 products - which is one less than the 72 items I had in my last inventory. Well look, it's better than going up I suppose ; )

If I include the individual pans in my custom palettes (but count pre-made palettes as one item), I now have 125 makeup products, which is a little higher than the 122 I had previously - although that's because I've finished some larger pans from these palettes so I was able to de-pot and bring in some eyeshadows to fill those gaps.

My goal for 2019 was 70 makeup products, so I'm roughly there and I'm happy with that. I also don't think I can reduce things any further than this (at least for now), so my aim will be to keep things at around 70 going forward.

I'm also hoping to get my individual pan count down a little, so let's aim for 110 items in 2020.

That's all from me. Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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