Skincare inventory: June 2019


My last skincare inventory was in March (see here), so it's time I checked in to do an updated one.

I'm looking forward to writing this inventory because I know I've finished a lot of stuff lately, and I'm expecting both my makeup and skincare numbers to have gone down. We shall see!

Also note that I will be receiving some skincare for my birthday (30 June), so I want to write this post before then so the numbers will reflect how much my collection has reduced during the six-month spending ban I've just undergone.

Makeup remover

Previously I had two and I still have two (one open full-size and one open travel-size). I finished one but the travel-size was passed on to me by Mum, who wasn't going to use it.

One is my ultimate goal, but I don't mind having a back-up so I'm not worried about this category. 

Cleansing oils/balms

I had one and I still have one, this being a cleansing oil. That's pretty restrained for me - I love these kinds of cleansers - so I'm happy with that!

Two's my goal so we're there.


This is all other cleansers aside from oils and balms. Previously I had five and I now have four, so my numbers have dropped and I'm pleased about that.

My goal here is no more than four open cleansers plus a couple of back-ups because I do get through cleansers reasonably quickly and I like to have some unopened ones on hand, so I can even replenish my stores here. Yay.


I had two and I still have two because the ones I own are powders that you mix with water before use and they'll take ages to get through.

My goal here is no more than two open products plus a couple of back-ups, so we're there.


For toners, I'm not only including standard toners but also 'treatment' ones (eg my glycolic toner from Alpha-H). In my last inventory I had five (oops!) and I now have three (one being unopened), so I've brought this category down.

My goal here is no more than four: two open and two unopened back-ups. We're there.


The products in this category include eg items from The Ordinary because they don't really fit into any other category and I can still use them in conjunction with my serums or even mixed in with my serums or moisturisers.

Before I had two and I now have three (two being unopened) because I replaced some products when my spending ban lifted at the beginning of June.

Three is my goal in this category so we're there.


This is a new category because I've only started exploring essences more this year. At the moment I have two (one being unopened) and I'm happy with that.

My goal is no more than two.


Before I had three and I now have one. Not enough - especially because I don't love the one I own. Looking forward to receiving more for my birthday shortly.

That's my goal so we're there.

Eye creams

I had four and I now have two. I'm happy with that number for now but I am looking forward to buying another one soon because I don't love the one I'm using at night.

No more than three eye creams is a good goal for me so we're there.

Day cream

Previously I had one and I now have four because I needed to buy myself a couple (the two minis I'm using aren't great).

My aim was two so I have some work to do here, but we're not far away.

Night cream/overnight cream

Previously I had two and I now have three (two unopened back-up). The extra items were actually sent to me for review so I haven't bought anything, it's just that they came into my collection via other means.

Two is my goal with this category so we're not too far away.


I had two and I now have one, so I've managed to get this category down too.

Two's my goal here so I'm able to buy one.


In my last inventory I had seven and I now have four (one being unopened).

I've managed to get things down because I've been focusing on panning masks this year via Project Pan, which has obviously worked and I'm starting to make a dent in things.

My goal here is no more than four open, so we're there.

The final tally

In March's inventory I had 38 skincare items in total.

This was around what I wanted because I'd learned that between 40 and 50 skincare items was a comfortable amount for me, but I should have brought things down now.

Drum roll please...

I now have 32 skincare items in total, so I've managed to get things down a bit more and I'm going to revise my goal to around 30 skincare items. I think that will be enough to have some variety and a few items in back-up, without having too much stuff that I can't hope to get through.

In sum

I'm ok with where my skincare numbers are at for now, but doing this inventory has reminded me of how long it takes to finish some items (especially masks) - so I won't be buying too much over the next few months and I may introduce a low-buy in July. We'll see.

That's all from me. Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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