Cedel Conditioning Foam with Argan Oil - review


I received this product in a Priceline haircare baggie and I'd forgotten about it until I went through the stock drawer earlier this month. I decided to crack it open because my hair is dry and in need of some extra nourishment, and this looked like a product that might help me manage that.

Fortunately my hair seems to like it, which makes me happy because it can be quite hard to find products that moisturise and de-frizz my hair without weighing it down.

Cedel claims/product details:
  • A hydrating and detangling mousse for all hair types
  • Instantly revitalises hair
  • Smooths, controls frizz, conditions and treats split ends
  • Strengthens and protects hair from harmful external elements
  • Prevents future breakages
  • Contains vitamin E to hydrate and restore natural shine
  • Also contains argan oil for superior performance
  • RRP $14.99AUD for 125ml


I'm pleasantly surprised by this foam because I generally don't like Cedel products and didn't think this would be any good, but fortunately it's one of the better hair products I've tried in a while.

It's a thick and creamy foam that's almost velvety in texture. I don't think I've ever come across anything like it before, but it feels a little like shaving foam, only richer.

It has a pleasant smell that reminds me of tropical fruit juice. Happily the smell isn't overpowering and doesn't linger too long, so it won't interfere with your perfume but it will make your hair smell a bit fresher.

When you first put it on, your hair might feel and look a bit wet, but it dries down soon enough and you won't be able to tell that you've put product in. Unlike other products, I don't find that this leaves a sticky residue (not even on my hands) so that's a big plus.

What I like about this foam is that it moisturises my hair and tames the frizz without weighing it down or making it look greasy. I do think it lives up to its claims in terms of hydrating, detangling and controlling frizz, plus it adds a little shine although it doesn't stand out for that reason. I'm not sure whether it strengthens hair or prevents future breakages because I haven't noticed any difference in those areas, but I do think it offers some protection from the elements because it coats your hair, so that claim is true too.

One thing to note: don't press down too hard on the nozzle because you'll end up with too much product if you're not careful. If you do end up with too much, I wouldn't recommend using it all because it'll weigh your hair down and make it look dull and coated. I like using about two big grapes' worth on my hair: most goes on the dry ends but I also put a little on the frizzy parts around my crown to tame those.

Another thing to note is that while you can use it every day, after a while it starts to build up and needs to be washed out. I think that's true of most hair products so it doesn't lose points for that reason, but do be aware of it.

One issue I have with the can is that a little bit of foam spews out the top consistently, so I always have to wipe bits off and then more appears under the cap even when I think I've removed the last bit. That's not a major issue, but do be aware of it because if you think you haven't squirted out quite enough, just wait a bit because more product will come out on its own without you having to squeeze the nozzle again.

A final thing: do make sure you work this through the hair (eg with your fingers or by combing it) because it's not quite as easy to spread as eg oils or cream products (it tends to come off your hands a little unevenly), otherwise you won't get an even coat.

Big ticks from me. It's not an HG product but it's definitely a good one.

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