Doucce Mineral Matte Lipstick in 903 Champagne - review


I received this product in March 2015's Violet Box (reviewed here). I was happy to receive it because I don't own many lipsticks in muted, work-appropriate shades and this is one of those.

For some reason most of the lip products I've wound up with in subscription boxes are pink and red, and those colours tend not to suit me. But this one's a natural, orange/rose brown and it's a 'my lips but better' shade on me, so I can wear it on days when I want to look natural or when my eyes or cheeks are the focus and I need a toned-down lip.

Doucce claims/product details:
  • A pure colour lipstick that glides on effortlessly, giving you a rich and velvet matte finish
  • Infused with SPF 10 and vitamin E
  • Application gives off a soft texture, leaving your lips hydrated all day with a non-drying effect 
  • Maximised colour impact that provides a full-bodied coverage with incredible pigmentation 
  • Exceptionally long wear and moisturising formula that won’t feather or fade away
  • Sophisticated, elegant, professional, classic
  • Provides a timelessly elegant colour with matte texture, leaving lips intensely smoothed, plumped and full
  • Available in the Violet Box shop
  • RRP $26AUD

Above I've swatched it in natural light and below in direct sunlight. I've just given it one light swipe - you can see it's a soft colour.

Below I've given it a couple of swipes and taken the shot indoors. The swatch on the left is the Doucce lip pencil we received in the same box (reviewed here) and the one on the right is the lipstick.

There are my bare lips for reference (and note I've lined them with the lip liner):

There I am wearing the lipstick (you can see it looks a little drying, as matte lipsticks tend to be):


This is a great little lipstick and I'm so glad I received it. As mentioned, I was definitely in need of more muted, everyday shades and this is a great match for my colouring.

It's quite a hard lipstick that tugs a bit when applied, but the hardness has softened a little after I used it a bit more: I recently read that most lipsticks have an outer, waxy layer, and once that's removed you hit the creamier core. That explains why many lipsticks soften after you've given them a few goes, and while this one is still on the hard side, it's not as hard as it first was.

It has an odd scent that I'm not a huge fan of - kind of floral and perfumed - but I can overlook that because the lipstick itself is good quality. It's not drying once applied and lasts better than most lipsticks I've tried. 

It's not as comfortable to wear as my HG lipsticks from Shanghai Suzy, but it's definitely up there in terms of lasting power and feel on the lips. It does look a little drying on (you can see that in the shot above) but it doesn't feel that way when worn. Also, my lips are super dry - particularly now that it's cooler - so I reckon it wouldn't look drying on people with 'normal' lips.

On the texture, I like this lipstick because it feels comfortable on and lasts, but I think some people would be deterred by how hard the lipstick is, so I'd recommend testing one first before committing to buying. Having said that, you can find these cheaply on ebay so you mightn't mind forking out a few dollars on a lipstick that you may or may not like.

Another thing I like about these lipsticks is the packaging - it's sleek and lightweight - and while packaging isn't the most important thing, many of us are attracted to things that look good (I know I am), and I reckon this does.

Plus it's rare to find a lipstick that contains sun protection, so that's a bonus too.

Just a brief note on the product claims because I've largely covered those, but let's be complete: I don't think it glides on 'effortlessly' due to the texture, but it goes on well enough and, as mentioned, gets a little softer after the first few uses; I don't think it's particularly hydrating (at least on my dry lips, which need something extra), but it's not drying either; yes it's a long wear formula that doesn't feather; and yes the texture is matte but it's not particularly plumping.

In sum, I really like this. As mentioned, the lipsticks are available in the Violet Box shop and you can get 20% off all Doucce products if you use the code 'DOUCCE20' at the checkout. (Yes, I'll receive a small commission if you use my link, but if you read this blog you'll know that I'm always honest when it comes to what I think of a product!)

Ticks from me : )

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