Urban Skincare Co Exfoliating Body Mat - review


I received this product as part of a free upgrade from Urban Skincare Co (see unboxing here). I wouldn't normally review something like this but I'm liking it so much that I thought I would say something about it.

Plus I couldn't see any detailed reviews of the product online, so this post might be useful if you're thinking of purchasing it: at $12.95 for a body mat, I would want to know that it's a good one!

Urban Skincare claims/product details:
  • Makes exfoliation easy
  • Compact design and innovative hand grasp allow access to even the most hard-to-reach places
  • Invigorating to use
  • An effective means of achieving youthful-looking skin
  • RRP $12.95 for one mat


What I love about this mat is that it's somehow rough enough to exfoliate well but soft enough that it doesn't rub your skin raw.

I reckon it can be hard to achieve that balance with tools like these: I've used some that are too scratchy and others that are too soft and don't do enough. This one is the perfect middle point and it's one I'd consider buying for that reason alone.

As for product claims, it does make exfoliation easy and therefore does help make your skin look younger and fresher, but I've no idea why the hand grasp is called 'innovative' because it's a strip of fabric that you'd find on most tools like these (unless they're mitts). Hmm.

The test will be how long this product lasts before going mouldy. If it's anything less than two months, I don't think I would buy it because I'm not prepared to spend more than a few dollars a month on a tool that won't last. I'll check back in once this mat is ready to turf and let you know how long it's survived.

The other thing I like about this product is that the little bag it comes in is reusable, so you can keep it and use it to store the mat in when you travel.

In sum, I'm really enjoying using this and I'd recommend it if you're after a decent exfoliating tool. My skin is feeling much smoother since using this, and I'm happy to use it every day because you can use it as gently or as harshly as you need.

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