Urban Skincare Co Daily Hand & Body Cleanser - review


We received this hand and body cleanser in April's Violet Box (reviewed here). I expected to love it because I loved the two Urban Skincare Co body creams we received from Lust Have It (see here and here), but unfortunately this one didn't stand out for me at all.

Urban Skincare Co claims/product details:
  • A gentle yet effective way of removing dirt without stripping your skin of its protective lipid barrier
  • A good alternative to soap
  • PH balanced and fortified with Oligogeline®
  • Provides a protective moisturising barrier, eliminating dryness and leaving skin silky smooth
  • Antibacterial, antifungal and rich in vitamins A and C, and coriander oil 
  • Provides relief from minor irritations, leaving skin refreshed and hydrated
  • To use: work a small amount into a lather over your entire body; rinse thoroughly and pat skin dry
  • RRP $9.95 for 100ml


There are a few reasons why I'm not a fan of this product.

First, it only has the faintest scent and I generally prefer body products that smell delicious. While I wouldn't call it fragrance free, it's close enough that those who prefer unscented products might be ok with it.

Second, it doesn't foam very well and, to me, doesn't feel like it cleans that well. While it feels quite velvety and smooth when applied, my skin doesn't feel properly washed after use. This could just be a mental thing (because it doesn't smell refreshing or foam well), but I have other body washes that I much prefer because they seem to do a better job of removing dirt.

Third, I don't think it's moisturising and it doesn't eliminate dryness or leave my skin silky smooth, so I don't think that claim is true. But I don't think it strips skin either because it's so gentle that I barely notice I'm using anything on my skin.

In sum, I'm not a fan of this product obviously but this could just be because I prefer 'harsher' cleansers that leave my skin feeling refreshed. If you like super gentle products, this one might be worth testing.

Low marks from me. Hoh well. I still really love the body creams I've tried from these guys!

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