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I've almost finished my two trial sizes of this product now so I feel able to write a full review. It has taken me a while however to know quite how I feel about this gel and what to say about it, because for me it's been one of those items that performs better or worse depending on how I use it, what other products I'm using with it, how much of it I use etc.

Ren claims/product details:
  • A radiance-enhancing, skin-firming serum that helps restore elasticity and suppleness to skin
  • Works to produce a visibly lifted appearance
  • An advanced form of hyaluronic acid nourishes and plumps the skin for a youthful, healthy-looking complexion
  • Anti-ageing phycocolloids treat the appearance of fine lines and produce a radiant glow
  • Helps improve skin's smoothness and decrease the appearance of wrinkles
  • Two hyaluronans work together to create the look of lifted skin that lasts for several hours
  • The ingredients support increased moisture retention in the skin and reduce trans-epidermal moisture loss
  • Free from parabens, sulfates and phthalates
  • To use: apply two to three drops to clean face, then follow with moisturiser; reapply over moisturiser or makeup throughout the day as needed (gently pat your skin until absorbed, do not rub)
  • RRP $72AUD for 30ml


Hyaluronan 1 (Yeast Biofermentation), Hyaluronan 2 (Yeast Biofermentation), Phycocolloids (Microalgae), Water, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Phenoxyethanol, Pullalan, Carbomer, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, Rosa Damascena Flower Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Porphyridium Cruentum Extract, Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Citronellol, Geraniol.


I've read quite a few reviews of this because I'm always interested to see what other people have to say about the products I review and whether they agree with me etc. From what I've seen, the feelings about this gel seem split down the middle: you either love it or think it's pretty useless.

From what I can tell, you're more likely to love this if you're under thirty, and more likely to think it does nothing if you're older. This comment is based on the online reviews I've read, since the divided opinions of this product seem to relate to what age bracket you're in.

It's a clear, lightweight gel that has a rose scent. My skin is quite sensitive and I noticed no irritation from using this product, other than the tightness mentioned below.

As mentioned above, this is one of those products that took me a few goes to get right. While you're only meant to apply a tiny amount of it, I discovered it works better on my skin if I add more of it than suggested. If I don't add enough, it just feels a bit sticky and I notice no effect, but if I layer it on I definitely notice some firming and radiance-enhancing action. My skin does look brighter after use, but that's where the beneficial effects end for me.

Do note that I'm 34 and my skin is dry, so I need products that deliver hydration. I definitely can't wear this product on its own because it's drying on me - I guess that's why the instructions tell you to add it before your moisturiser. Due to the drying effect, I don't like applying it throughout the day over makeup: even though it does brighten up my complexion, it also dries it out and I don't like how my skin feels after using it (a little uncomfortable and tight). I think it brightens my skin up because it adds a sticky film over it, rather than plumping it up from within.

On the product claims: it does temporarily enhance radiance but I don't think it nourishes my skin because it seems to sit on top of my face, rather than sinking in. I suppose it does have a lifting effect but on me it feels more like a tightening one and I don't like it. I have to add extra moisturiser over the top of it to remove the discomfort it creates. I guess you could say that it firms but I don't think it does this in a good way on my dry skin. Also, it definitely doesn't decrease the appearance of fine lines and my skin looks and feels thirsty after using this.

I've got the product on now (I put it on again before I sat down to write this review) and I've just had a look at myself in the mirror: my skin does look quite bright and shiny but it also feels sticky. Also, since I wrote that last sentence Mum dropped by and, by the time she left half an hour later, my skin looked dry and lacklustre; so on me, any beneficial effects don't last very long.

I can see why people like this, but it's just not for me. If you're after a brightening product I would recommend Clarins' Beauty Flash Balm (reviewed here) or Eslor's Brightening Activator (reviewed here) - I don't think this one is worth the outlay. But that's just the opinion of someone over 30 with dry skin, so if that's not you, don't discount this product because I've seen many rave about it.

In any event, it's not cheap so it's worth testing before committing to buying it.

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