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Every now and then you come across a product that you know you don't like, it's just that you don't quite know why you don't like it. For me, this was one of those products.

I could put my finger on a few reasons - not quite the right colour; doesn't stand up well to a second layer; can give me 'white dots' around my hairline if used with the wrong primer - but I knew none of those was the main reason.

So what I did was read a bundle of online reviews to see if someone else had managed to spell out the main problem where I could not, but alas I couldn't find the answer. It wasn't until I saw that many people had found similar issues as I did with the product that I worked it out: why would I want to use something that's this difficult to get right?

I'm lazy, for god's sake. I just want something I can slap on any which way, knowing that it will look good. I don't want to have to jump through hoops just to apply my base. This is a temperamental and inconsistent product, and therefore it's not for me.

Garnier claims/product details:
  • Garnier's first anti-ageing and skin-transforming care that corrects the appearance of signs of ageing on first contact with your skin
  • Self-adjusting formula transforms on contact with skin, releasing micro-encapsulated pigments
  • Skin looks flawless, radiant and healthy
  • Skin also looks fully rested, younger and more luminous
  • Skin feels smoother, firmer, softer and more supple as if transformed
  • Visible results after 28 days: wrinkles and blemishes appear reduced; skin appears firmer and more even; skin texture is refined
  • SPF15 helps protect against premature signs of ageing caused by UV damage
  • Also contains an anti-ageing complex with 7 actives: LHA stimulates surface skin cell renewal; pro-retinol stimulates collagen synthesis; vitamin C derivative helps stimulate collagen production; vitamin B3 provides antioxidant action; vitamin B5 reinforces hydrolipidic barrier; firming peptides stimulate collagen production; ginger extract known for anti-oxidant properties
  • Suitable for all skin types and tones 
  • Tested worldwide on over 1400 women
  • To use: apply daily onto clean skin or after your usual skin serum
  • RRP $19.99AUD for 50ml, but do shop around

Above is what the cream looks like when you first squeeze it out.

Then this happens when you start to rub it in:

There's my bare face:

There's me with two layers of product (you can barely notice the difference with only one); the photo is taken in natural light:

There's a direct sunlight shot (note the finish is a little greasy):

I'm going to include some shots taken indoors with flash, just so you can see the product better. I wouldn't normally do this but because the effect of the cream is so subtle, I thought it might help.

There's my bare face:

There's me with one layer of product:

There's me with two layers:


As mentioned above, the main issue with this one for me is that I can't just slap it on and know that it will look good.

First, I've worked out that I can't use it with a silicone-based primer (the ones that fill in your pores), because I wind up with little white dots everywhere: I reckon this is because the product adapts to the primer in places and not to my skin.

Second, you need to smooth it on rather than overwork it; otherwise it gathers in pores and, again, you can see it.

Third, it doesn't stand up well to a second layer (or too thick a first coat) because it 'pills' and you get little bits all over your face - plus it tends to streak because it hasn't sunk in properly.

Fourth, I think it sits on top of the skin, rather than melting in. The result is that it doesn't look natural because you can tell there's something on the surface of your face - and I reckon the purpose of this cream is to give you a natural look, and I don't get one with this.

Also, on me this cream adapts in a way that makes me look washed out or the wrong colour. In natural light it looks too yellow; in sunlight it looks too grey; and in artificial light it looks too pink! I've no idea why that's the case but that's what I've found. Hopefully the above shots in the different lights give you some idea of what I mean.

It also has a greasy finish so it definitely needs a powder. That's a common issue with products containing sunscreen so it doesn't lose points just for that,  but it's something to be aware of.

Note also that it has quite a strong smell. While it's not a horrendous smell, it's not a particularly nice one either and it does make me wonder what the scent is masking.

Finally, this product doesn't last well on me. It doesn't give me enough coverage on its own to start with, and what little coverage it does offer doesn't last a long time. I have to reapply this by lunchtime so it only lasts about five hours, even with a good primer.

I've seen from online reviews that this is a terrible product if you have fair skin because it's too orange. Judging from my experience with its inability to adapt properly/in a flattering way, I'm not surprised.

Low marks from me. A pity!

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