Starlooks Gem Eye Pencil in Amethyst - review


We received this eye pencil from Violet Box last year. As I mentioned in my recent review of the Olive version of this pencil (see here), at the moment I'm having to make some tough decisions about which products to keep and which ones to pass on to better homes: as you may know, this year I've been working to streamline my collection because I have too much stuff that's not getting used, and it's better to remove things now while they're still well within expiry, rather than waiting until they've dried out and are no use to anyone.

Like the olive version of this pencil, I've decided to give this away - a pity because it is pretty, but with my puffy eyes there's no point hanging on to products that rub off easily and, as you can see below, this product is one of those.

*Swatched in natural light and allowed to dry before giving it a light rub

Starlooks claims/product details:
  • Extremely popular pencils
  • Created with a magnificent metallic finish
  • Versatile, soft and creamy
  • Extra long wear
  • Can be easily used as liners as well as eye bases
  • Each highly pigmented, unique pencil has a gorgeous, micro-glitter finish
  • Available in six brilliant glistening shades
  • RRP $19.50AUD for 2.4g
  • Available from the Violet Box shop

*Unfortunately after applying this, it transferred to my upper eye area almost immediately


As with the olive version of this pencil, I really wanted to love this product but unfortunately it's not one I can wear.

As you may know, I'm not a fan of noticeable glitter but I do use it occasionally on my eyelids, as I've done above. If it stayed put, I would definitely be keeping it - but as you can see from the swatch on my arm, it doesn't dry and shifts with the lightest wipe. I gave it another wipe about an hour after applying it, and it still moved just as easily. Foo!

In terms of using it as a base for shadow, you can do that (and it helps with the transfer issues), but there's too much glitter in it for my tastes and it therefore makes my matte eyeshadows look sparkly, which isn't what I want. For those of us with puffy eyes or almost non-existent lids (or anyone who's a bit older and has a few wrinkles above their eyes), the worst thing you can do is add sparkles/shimmer because it accentuates lines and also - in my case - makes my puffy eyes look even puffier because it highlights the area.

As for product claims, I think it generally meets those, except for the 'extra long wear' one. But it is creamy and glides on very well, and the pigment is good but it's certainly not the most pigmented pencil I own and I need a few swipes to get a decent colour.

Being objective here, if you're younger and don't have rubbing issues on your eye area, this is a really pretty product and not too expensive (particularly considering it's twice the size of your average 1.2g pencil). Plus because this doubles as a base for powder shadow and can help intensify the shadow/help it adhere better, you might find a lot of use for this product.

Unfortunately it's just not for me.

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