Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair Shampoo and Crystal Shine Conditioner - review


Every now and then you come across products that you keep changing your mind about (do I like them or not?) and for me, these are two of those products.

To start with I thought they were great, then I thought they weren't at all, and now that they're almost finished, I've settled somewhere in the middle.

I got them in a Priceline haircare baggie and I wasn't expecting to think much of the conditioner because it's not designed for dry hair (whereas the shampoo is), but turns out I think the conditioner is the better of the two products because the shampoo is too heavy and doesn't clean as well as it should. But more on that later.

Schwarzkopf claims/product details (shampoo):
  • Sublime, extra rich formula that repairs damaged hair in the cells
  • Prevents split ends by up to 90% (in combination with the conditioner)
  • For revived natural hair, beauty and healthy shine
  • A unique combination of pearl essence, panthenol, refined protein and keratin
  • For damaged, depleted hair
  • RRP $14.99AUD for 250ml

Schwarzkopf claims/product details (conditioner):
  • A shine-enhancing conditioner 
  • Formulated with liquidised crystals to smooth the hair’s surface, restoring and boosting its ability to shine and reflect 
  • Detangles hair
  • A unique combination of pearl essence, panthenol, refined protein and keratin
  • For dull and normal hair
  • RRP $14.99AUD for 250ml


The shampoo

I don't love this. It's quite heavy and doesn't lather well, and I have to use it three times each wash to get my hair feeling clean (and even then it doesn't feel that clean).

The result is that it leaves my hair looking dull and lifeless, so I now clean it once with this shampoo and once with another one in order to avoid that.

It has a strong smell that's quite chemical and if I sniff it too hard it hurts my nose a bit, so I won't be doing that again! When something smells that strong, I do wonder what the scent is masking.

In sum, I don't recommend this product because it doesn't clean well enough on its own. But after using the conditioner, I would be happy enough to try another version of the shampoo because I reckon it might do a better job.

The conditioner

While this isn't designed for dry hair (and therefore isn't heavy enough for my hair), I didn't mind it and I can always use leave-in products after washing to manage my dry ends and make my hair feel more moisturised.

The conditioner has the same smell as the shampoo, it's just not as strong so it doesn't hurt my nose when I smell it (bonus ; ) ).

It's a very light conditioner and I have to use heaps of it to get enough moisture on my hair, and even then it feels a bit dry after use. But because this product isn't designed for dry hair (why didn't Priceline give us a matching shampoo/conditioner set?!), it doesn't lose points there because I think it would be moisturising enough if you had normal hair.

What it does do well however is add shine, so I think that claim is true. After using it my hair feels light and shiny, and once I add a little oil to my hair to give it some decent moisture, it looks pretty good.

I think if you had normal hair, you might really love this product.

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