Tosowoong Syn-ake Wrinkle Free Lotion - review


I received this product in Memebox Special #63 Skincare Elixir

That box has ended up being the last Memebox box that I've dedicated myself to trialling in its completeness, mainly because it was one of the last boxes I received and it also contains products that I already have plenty of. Plus I'm not loving the box as a whole and there's only one really great product in the bunch - the ProYou Magic Silky Shiny Essence (reviewed here) - so  it's taken me a while to commit to using the products because I have better items on hand.

This lotion has been sitting in the bathroom cabinet for a while now and I've kept reaching for other moisturisers in its place, maybe because it's cooler and my skin is drier, which means I need something heavier than a lotion to keep my skin hydrated. But I've recently finished off a day cream and this item is an ok replacement, particularly because I'm now using a more nourishing primer (MAC's Strobe Cream), while before I was using a silicone-based product that didn't offer much in terms of extra nourishment.

Tosowoong claims/product details:
  • Firms your skin and fills in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps you maintain a healthy moisture and oil balance in your skin
  • Formulated with syn-ake complex (a kind of peptide carrying similar constituents to snake venom), EGF, galactomyces ferments and bifida ferments
  • An all-natural formula that instantly alleviates sensitive, stimulated skin and rejuvenates and strengthens dry, dulled skin
  • To use: pump out and apply evenly over clean face; pat in for full absorbance
  • RRP $20USD for 100ml


This product is just ok. I think I've used so many great moisturisers in my time that I've been spoiled a bit, so these days it's hard for me to find products that really stand out, and this doesn't.

It's a white cream that's basically fragrance free: I can only detect a faint scent and it smells like cream and nothing else.

The texture is fine - smooth and light - it just doesn't have enough punch for my skin. I think if you had oily skin you might really like this lotion since it's quite lightweight, but because my skin is on the dry side and I need more hydration, this product isn't nourishing enough for me.

As for claims, I don't think there's any firming or wrinkle-filling action going on with this lotion. In fact, it's one of the least wrinkle-reducing moisturisers I've used: while my skin looks a bit happier and brighter when I apply it to my clean face, it's crap at filling in lines and making me look healthier when I apply it over makeup. How a moisturiser works over makeup is usually a sign for me as to how nourishing it is, and I don't think this is particularly nourishing.

For that reason I don't think it does much for dry skin, nor does it rejuvenate very well - so I don't agree with those claims either. As mentioned I do think it would fare better if your skin is oily and you don't need added moisture, so I'm inclined to believe the claim that this lotion can help you maintain a good balance of moisture and oil in your face if you have oily skin.

Having said all that, this certainly isn't the worst moisturiser I've received from Memebox, and unlike many Memebox products I've wound up with, it hasn't been sent straight to the body cream section (yet!) - so that's saying something.


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