Alpha-H Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Mask with Lavender - review


I thought I might as well keep going with my reviews of this kit, since I've been using the products for a month now and feel ready to write this last individual review.

In this post we're looking at the lavender mask, and after that I'll do a separate round-up post of the kit as a whole.

Unfortunately I don't like the mask, although I loved the other two products in this kit from the moment I used them (see reviews here and here).

The problem for me with this mask is that it doesn't do anything for my skin. Do note though that I've been spoiled by some other great masks I've discovered in my time as a beauty junkie, so I'm pretty hard to impress in the face mask department. More on all that below.

Alpha-H claims/product details:
  • The perfect solution for balancing and exfoliating your skin, leaving it fresher, clearer and brighter
  • Assists in the healing process of skin inflammations and treatment of scarring
  • Macadamia nut oil, rose and lavender extracts provide essential hydration to lacklustre and dehydrated skin
  • An award-winning salon resurfacing mask that acts as a powerful once-a-week, at home, mini-peel
  • Removes unwanted dead skin cells and increases cellular renewal
  • Maintains a healthy, firmer and hydrated skin
  • Uses powerful natural antibacterial and soothing agents to control blemishes
  • Promotes an even skintone and softens pigmentation 
  • The 15% glycolic acid exfoliates dead surface cells, while manuka honey, lavender and vitamin E work to hydrate and plump the fresh new cells underneath to leave the complexion visibly more supple, dewy and radiant
  • Skin type: normal/combination skin, oily/problematic skin, thickened skin, mature skin
  • To use: use once a week to improve overall skin maintenance; apply a thin layer over a freshly cleansed face, neck and décolletage for ten minutes; tingling and redness may be experienced
  • RRP $65 AUD for 100ml, but do shop around


This mask has won two placements in Harper's Bazaar Beauty Hot 100: in 2012 it was named the 'best radiance mask' and in 2013 was named the 'best skin brightener'. I've also read a number of glowing reviews of this product and the only two bad reviews I've read were from people who have sensitive skin and couldn't tolerate the mask.

Unfortunately I don't like this product and it does nothing for me, so I'm in the minority. My skin can be sensitive but I haven't noticed any irritation when using this mask - it just doesn't seem to do anything for my skin.

It's a white cream that smells like lavender and it applies and spreads well. I noticed no tightening sensation as it dries down - the main thing I notice each time I use it is the scent (I don't like the smell of lavender so it probably smells stronger to me for this reason).

After use there's no difference in my skin aside from it feeling and looking a bit duller and drier. Indeed, it may just be that this product doesn't agree with my skin because it seems to have the reverse effect on me as compared to what it does for others.

For this reason I can't say that it meets any of the product claims because on my skin it doesn't. This is unusual for me when it comes to Alpha-H products, since the three other products I've tried from the brand so far hit HG status almost from the first use.

Also, as mentioned above, I've used some great face masks in my time and only a precious few actually do something for my skin. The rest don't have an impact - and this is one of them.

Hoh well. You can't win 'em all. Low marks from me I'm afraid.

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