Acqua di Parma Colonia Bath & Shower Gel - review


It's been a while since I've used a dedicated shower gel because I've spent the last six months using Memebox cleansers that I don't like on my body, so it's been nice to switch to a dedicated shower product.

This one is a unisex fragranced product that I stole from my husband because he's a soap man and didn't want it (it was part of a gift pack), and it's been sitting around unopened since Christmas so it was first on my list of products to use.

If you read this blog, you'll know that we're staying at my parents' place at the moment while they're overseas, since we've moved out of our place and are looking for something bigger. While we're here, I've made a point of fishing out the older skincare and makeup items I own and either using them or marking them to be passed on or donated.

This is one of those products, and I'm happy to say that I'm glad I decided to use it because it's quite a good gel and I'm enjoying it.

Acqua di Parma claims/product details:
  • A gorgeous and gentle formulation to cleanse and purify the skin
  • With coconut oil and wheat protein your skin will be soft, smooth and delicately perfumed
  • The Colonia fragrance, for both men and women, is a refreshing and contemporary blend of Sicilian citrus, jasmine, verbena and Bulgarian rose
  • The base notes of oriental woods such as vetiver, cedar and ylang-ylang make it a subtly spicy and sensual scent that will linger for hours
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • RRP $55 AUD for 200ml, but do shop around


This is a really lovely shower gel and I'm enjoying using it.

It foams nicely and works itself into a great, cleansing lather. It's quite a velvety gel that feels nice to the touch, and I think it does a good job in terms of washing away dirt and grime.

A little goes a long way with this and I put the smallest amount on my shower puff (maybe the size of a pea or blueberry), which creates enough foam to cleanse my whole body.

The scent is quite strong and I don't love it - I smell slightly bitter citrus and woody musk - and I reckon it's more of a male fragrance than a female one. But I don't mind the scent and it's one I can live with; it's spicy in a gentle way and not too offensive so I think most men and women would either like it or could live with it.

On the claims, I do think it cleanses and purifies well, and it does leave your skin soft, smooth and slightly perfumed.

What I will say about this product is that it's definitely not worth the price tag. It's fine as a body wash but I wouldn't spend that much on it, even if money were no object.

A good gel but overpriced.

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