You know you're a beauty junkie when...

I had one of those crap, now what?! moments this morning when I realised that I didn't actually have anything to review today. I thought I did, but looks like my camera has wiped a bunch of photos and all my draft posts contain photos of products that I'm not quite ready to review yet, so turns out I don't.


Anyhoo. I've had this post sitting in my drafts for a while, so I thought I may as well write it. Beauty junkie-ism is a topic close to my heart, so I have plenty to say on the subject.

If you're a beauty junkie too, hopefully this post will make you feel more normal (because you're not alone!) and give you a smile or two : )

Never-ending products annoy you

Ah, I remember the day. Before I was a beauty junkie, if I had eg a foundation that had lasted me a year and was still going strong, this was a good thing because it meant the product was great value - plus I didn't have to buy more.

This is a normal person's attitude.

Now, however, products that seem to last forever ANNOY THE CRAP out of me because I want to hurry up and finish them so I can buy something new! I don't want products to last forever. I want them to last until I get bored of them so I can rush out to Mecca and find something else to play with. My golly! What happened?!

You have enough 'back ups' in stock that anyone would think you're preparing for war

Bahaha I had to go on a spending ban because of this one. I'd stocked up on my favourite products or ones I'd been wanting to try every time I saw them on sale because I was getting 'a good deal' and therefore 'saving money in the long run'.

The result? I had enough unopened skincare and makeup to last a good few years. AND, goddammit, I had a bunch of those never-ending products open (see above) and wouldn't allow myself to open anything new until I'd finished those. I felt so overwhelmed that I didn't quite know what to do with it all and had to put an embargo on beauty spending. Never again!

You spend half your life reading beauty blogs

I used to read books. Now I read beauty blogs. So cerebral.

But when I get into bed after a long day with our six-month-old daughter, I don't want to read amazing literature - I'm too damn tired. So I read trashy detective stories and beauty blogs. That's it.

If I didn't read so many posts on beauty products, I wouldn't want to buy ninety per cent of the stuff on my wishlist. Do the math. Seems I can't.

You conceal how much you buy from others

Man am I guilty of this one. Not these days because I'm on maternity leave and no longer have my own income to flesh out my account (so therefore I can't hide my purchases because I'm relying on our joint account), but in the past I've had to hide parcels in my cupboard so my husband wouldn't see them.

I mean, the sheer volume of all those deliveries was getting ridiculous: I started wishing that companies wouldn't put small things in large boxes so I had somewhere to keep everything (the recycling bin was always too full so I couldn't put the boxes in there). The solution of course would have been to stop buying things. But did I? No!

Forget coffee, clothes and shoes - your disposable income is marked for beauty

I actually think to myself 'let's not go out for dinner - that's the cost of a Kevyn Aucoin eyeshadow'.

Yep. How bad's that? I need another eyeshadow like I need a hole in the head, but beauty has become my currency and that's how I think.

I've even given up my daily soy latte so I can have a $50 per month beauty budget, and I'm a total coffee addict. That shows the sheer strength of my beauty addiction. Oh dear.

You re-organise your collection many times a year

I do this a lot. I've never been a particularly neat person, but my beauty collection is arranged in soldier-straight rows on the shelves I use as my dressing table. And about once a month, I'll decide that I could make things look better so I'll reorganise them, just so it all looks perfect.

I can't bear to think of the hours wasted doing this, especially now that I have a baby and am even more time-poor than I was, so perhaps I shouldn't think about it...


In sum

I could go on and on about this stuff, but I think that's enough for now.

Are you a beauty junkie, and do you have any quirky behaviours to add to the above list? Do share.

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