Bodyography Lipstick in Seductress - review and swatches


As you may know, I'm a huge fan of Bodyography products: any product I've tried from the brand has been a cut above the rest and I couldn't live without Bodyography's base products in particular.

Bodyography's liquid foundation, primers and mineral powders are out of this world, and over time I would like to try something from Bodyography in every category - eyeshadows and blushes in particular.

This lipstick was my first foray into the brand's colour products, and while it's a sensational lipstick, unfortunately it's one of those items that I expected to be quite a different colour from what it really is. From the online photos I saw, I'd hoped it would be a dark purple. It's not. It's oxblood - and not a deep oxblood at that - so it's not a colour I'll wear much.

Fortunately I didn't pay full price for it (!), and at least I now know that the brand can produce a decent lipstick, which is no surprise to me given my good experience of Bodyography products thus far.

Bodyography claims/product details:
  • Our long lasting, super-pigmented formula contains vitamins C and E, to help protect the lips from signs of ageing
  • Created from an aloe vera base, resulting in a creamy, luscious texture
  • Aloe vera based formula also locks in colour for all-day wear and soothes lips while preventing premature sign of ageing with powerful antioxidants
  • Does not feather or bleed
  • Hydrates the lips: most lipsticks on the market are clay based and can be very drying
  • Goes on smoothly, will not drag
  • Durable pigments for extended wear
  • Vitamin E restores and conditions lips to keep them soft
  • Vitamin C helps fight free radical damage and keeps your mouth line free
  • Available in wide range of creams, shimmers, frosts and satin mattes
  • Paraben free
  • RRP $30 for 3.5g, but do shop around (I paid about half price)

See swatches above and below in slightly different lights. You can see that it looks creamy/hydrating and is a darkish berry red colour (definitely not purple!).

There it is on my lips below:

And again for good measure (it's not very dark at all unfortunately):


I won't go on too much about my disappointment regarding the colour of this one because that's not an issue with the product itself, but rather an issue with the information/photos I could find of it online.

What I will say is that Bodyography is unfortunately one of those brands that isn't very popular in the blogosphere and it's difficult to locate in terms of retail outlets, so it's hard to find swatches or test the brand's products if that's what you want to do. This of course creates issues when it comes to ordering products online, because you're never quite sure what you're going to get and whether it will be exactly what you want.

That issue aside, it's no surprise to me that this is a sensational lipstick in terms of formula and wear time. If you read this blog, you'll know how much I love Shanghai Suzy lipsticks. I have to say, Bodyography's offering - at least this one - is a better formula and it just looks and feels of better quality. The downfall is the $30 price tag, which isn't the worst I've seen but Shanghai Suzy lipsticks cost $12.95 each so there's a marked difference.

This little lipstick is long lasting, pigmented and very hydrating. It's unusual that a lipstick that lasts a long time will also be hydrating, but this one is. It glides on like a dream and holds fast. It transfers a tiny bit when you eat/drink, but it's still there so you don't need to reapply it.

It's super creamy and has a pleasant smell that I can't place. I don't need to wear a gloss or balm when I use this lipstick, which is unusual for me because I have dry lips and most lipsticks call for a gloss on my lips because they're not hydrating enough. This is.

On the claims I haven't mentioned yet: I do feel this product protects my lips and has a smooth texture; it doesn't feather or bleed; it does apply smoothly without dragging; and I think it has a soothing effect on the lips.

All in all, this is one of the best lipsticks I've tried. I won't give it an HG tag because I feel I need to try other shades from the brand to check for consistency, but it's definitely up there.

Ticks from me.

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