Project Pan 2016 mini update #32


Yesterday I finally finished this self-tanning mousse from Mine Tan. Yay!

While many people wouldn't find tanning mousses hard to finish, they're super hard for me because it's almost impossible to find time to apply them during the week (I have two kids under two), so the only time I can use them is on the weekend when my husband is home, and even then I often find myself with the tan half-applied and all over my hands when my son has started screaming for a feed.

You can see from the markers above that I've done good work during December in managing to finish the remainder of the product - I was determined! And while I'd love to go back to using tanning body creams (so much easier to whack those on after a shower, in place of my usual body cream), I still have two tanning mousses to use that have been sent to me, which is why I've opted to replace this product with another one, just to see the back of it.

There are my replacements above. I've opted to include another highlighting product because, if you saw my recent makeup inventory post (see here), I discovered that I'd somehow managed to accrue sixteen highlighters in the last few years. Oh dear. So time to get panning!

While I have two St Tropez tanning mousses in stock, I've opted to include the travel-sized one as a 'treat' to myself because I couldn't bear to pan another full-sized one and I'd much rather knock this off and then return to tanning creams before tackling the large one later on.

Bodyography Shimmer Powder in Mallorca

I've reviewed this here. While I love Bodyography as a brand and I think this is a good product, it's not something I reach for because it does contain flecks of glitter and I don't like using it on my face.

Since I already have a highlighter on my panning list that I'm using on my body (collarbones, shoulders etc) over summer, I'll likely use this one mixed in with my body cream. While some people may feel that chucking highlighters into body creams is a 'cheat' way to use up products, I personally feel that using up products in any way is a good thing, and I'll enjoy having a bit of sparkle on the body in the warmer months so I'm looking forward to panning this.

There's 5g of product in here so it's not as big as my other highlighters, and I'm hoping to have this done and dusted by the end of April 2017. Wish me luck!

St Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse

I haven't reviewed this yet because it's brand new, and that's also why I haven't marked it (it's full) - and I likely won't bother showing progress marks because my aim is to finish it by the end of the Project Pan year.

This might just be possible, given how quickly I was able to get through the Mine Tan mousse above when I set my mind to it. Wish me luck!

In sum

While there's less than three weeks left until 2017, I'm confident that I can finish off a few more products on my list before then and start the new panning year with some fresh items on my existing panning list. 

I would really like to begin the New Year with less stuff in my stores, so I've got some work to do because I've received two sub boxes in the past week and I'm starting to feel overwhelmed again. Argh!

Speak soon x

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