Pan that Palette 2016: finale


Welcome to my Pan that Palette finale post for 2016! I'm slotting this in before I normally would (at month's end) because I'm planning to write my yearly favourites posts over the next week so I'd like to round Pan that Palette up now.

Do note that I started the challenge in the middle of July (intro post here) and my palette has changed so much since then that I won't bother showing you the photos from that post. What happened for me is that some of my earlier shadows were so old that they proved impossible to work with, and I also switched from using a large Z-palette to using a smaller Makeup Geek one because I didn't want to be exposing a huge array of powders to air each day if I wasn't panning them all.

I must say, it's been a bit of a 'practice' year for me when it comes to Pan that Palette and I'll hopefully be able to bring you a more cohesive set of progress photos next year. So do forgive me for having my Pan that Palette 'training wheels' on in 2016, and I do hope that you can still see my progress below well-enough.

Enough preamble. Here's how my Stila shadows in Bare and Bliss (from Stila's In the Light Palette) looked back in July:

As you can see, there was very little progress on either at the time.

Then, at the end of July, I introduced my Gorgeous Cosmetics Bronzer and 'Tini Beauty Eyeshadow in Pearl Fizz into the challenge:

I picked this bronzer because I liked the colour and felt I could pan it quickly: it was the lightest bronzer I owned and it also kept developing a crust that I had to remove, so I felt it was a good choice for this challenge.

I introduced the eyeshadow because I'd been panning it anyway via Project Pan, so I thought I may as well de-pot it and add it into this challenge too.

In August, I introduced my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit into the challenge:

I'd already panned Dim Light (my favourite shade) because I was using it as an all-over finishing powder every day, and since I had a full-size of Dim Light that I was keen to open, I decided to combine the remaining two shades in this palette and finish those off before I did that. When combined, Incandescent Light and Radiant Light are a similar colour to Dim Light and I also love Radiant Light as a bronzer-topper.

There's a close-up of how my palette looked at the end of August 2016:

And here's where my bronzer was at the end of August:

Below are my Stila eyeshadows in Bare and Bliss, plus the 'Tini Beauty shadow, at the end of August:

It was in September that the 'Tini Beauty product finally died and I gave up on re-pressing it not long after the below photo because it was too old:

Here's how my Hourglass palette looked at the end of September:

And September was also when I switched my products over to my Makeup Geek Travel Vault, which I'd just purchased:

In September I also decided to start panning some of my Nars shadows, which you can see in the bottom left corner above.

Then, here's where my Hourglass palette was at the end of October:

And here's the whole palette:

By the end of November, I'd hit pan on Radiant Light (right shade) from the Hourglass Palette:

I also finished Stila's Bliss and moved out the Gorgeous Cosmetics Bronzer into a separate container, just so I could fit more shadows into my palette (because the Bahama Mama Bronzer from theBalm isn't a round pan - I've come to hate round pans in self-made palettes!):

Here's how the Gorgeous Cosmetics bronzer looked by the end of November:

Then, halfway through December, I finished the Gorgeous Cosmetics bronzer and my Stila eyeshadow in Bare, along with a pan of Bodyography powders from my Project Pan 2016 challenge that I'd pressed into a pan from a separate palette:

In the same post (ten days ago now), I also gave you a sneak peek into my December progress on my Makeup Geek Travel Vault:

You'll see above that I've replaced Stila's Bare with another shadow, but I'll talk about that when we kick off Pan that Palette 2017, and I've hit pan on a few shades.

And now for the final update!

Here's where my Hourglass palette is now, 23 December 2016:

As you can see, I've hit pan now on both Incandescent Light and Radiant Light, and I'm enjoying using this so much that I'll roll it into Pan that Palette 2017 so you can continue to see my progress.

Here's where my other powers are, as of 23 December 2016:

So there's some good movement on the Bahama Mama bronzer and I've continued to dent some powders and expand the pan on others.

The final tally

I finished one bronzer and two eyeshadows completely, plus I removed three eyeshadow pans from my collection because they were so old that they crumbled to bits. So that's six 'finished' pans in total.

I've also hit pan on two face powders and three additional eyeshadows (so five pans total) and expanded the pan on another bronzer.

In sum

Hooray for Pan that Palette - I've really enjoyed doing the challenge and I can't wait to start it again during 2017.

I do apologise for the jumbled progress shots above and also for how much my palette has chopped and changed throughout the five months that I've done this challenge: I promise to do this more cohesively next year, now that I have a better 'feel' for the challenge and how to go about it.

Also, I'll put up a separate post showing progress shots only of particular powders, so you can more readily see how things have changed month-by-month. On top of that, I plan to do a 'lessons learned' post on Pan that Palette because I've found those posts helpful myself.

Hope you're surviving the festive season and speak soon x

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