December 2016 empties #3


I mentioned in my last empties post that I thought I would have enough for three empties posts this month, and indeed I do. In fact I could have made four for December because I've managed to get through quite a bit of stuff recently, but I've decided to limit it to three and hold a few over for January.

First things first, I apologise that my photos aren't great in this post: I made the mistake of throwing my empties out before checking the photos first so I couldn't go ahead and re-shoot them because the products were long gone. Foo! Hoh well, not to worry - we don't need to rely on photos for colour here so I'll go ahead and post anyway.

Let's have a look.

Project Pan items

I won't go on about these too much here because I've done that enough via Project Pan, but I will comment briefly on each item:

The Mine Tan tanning mousse was a good product but I wouldn't buy it because I prefer tanning creams. So purchase? No.

The Bodyography lip products were both nice and while I liked the lipstick because it's a great formula, the gloss didn't have enough pigment for me personally (nice formula otherwise though). So that's a yes for the lipstick and a no for the gloss.

I wouldn't touch the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation with a barge pole because it looks like a mask on me and it sits in pores (so that's a no) and the Evelyn Iona concealer was nice but I'm keen to try other products because I've been through two of these this year (so that's a maybe).

Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil

Full review here. I did really enjoy this product but I started getting tired of it towards the end of the bottle (and it's a large bottle) so that tells me it's like but not love and I don't feel the need to try it again. I liked the texture, scent and feel of this product on the skin and it did a good job of removing makeup, but I have other cleansing oils I prefer. Repurchase? No.

Swisspers Rosehip Rejuvenating Cleansing Wipes

I don't use cleansing wipes much but I do like to have a packet on hand for emergencies, and this one was on hand for ages because I didn't like it and didn't want to use it. I've reviewed it here

The wipes didn't contain enough moisture, they made my skin sting after use and they didn't clean well either. I got through them by wetting them with a micellar water first because they didn't work well enough on their own. Blurgh. Purchase? No.

MOR Rosa Noir Hand & Body Milk

Full review here. I've been through two of these now because I received two from The Parcel (yep, it was a repeat product - not cool) and unfortunately it's one of the few MOR products I've come across that I didn't love. The scent was a bit strong and heady for me and the product wasn't as hydrating as I would like, so I used it occasionally on my legs just to get through it and to keep the scent away from my face. Purchase? No.

At One Skincare Toning Coffee Scrub

I've become addicted to coffee scrubs this year and this is one of the nicest ones I've tried. I've reviewed it here. It came from Maslow & Co and I loved how finely milled the coffee grains were because it was gentle on the skin while still delivering a good exfoliation. Plus it smelled amazing. Purchase? Maybe.

Sukin Energising Body Scrub with Coffee and Coconut

Full review here. I really enjoyed this product because it offered the things I love about a coffee scrub - the scent and the good exfoliation - without coming with the usual mess because it was a cream product so it adhered better to the skin than a dry scrub usually does. Plus Sukin is a reasonably priced brand so this is one to keep in mind for the next time that Priceline has a sale. Purchase? Yes.

Lanolips Lovely Lanolin Golden Ointment, Dry Skin Salve

This is one of those products that doesn't get used except in certain situations (at least for me) and it certainly got used after I had my little boy and ended up with nipples that were in all-sorts because he wasn't an easy feeder for the first couple of months. I've reviewed it here.

It's one of those super thick ointments that's good for super dry skin but isn't for everyday use, and it worked well on the cans (!) and also on dry feet. Purchase? Maybe.

Chantecaille Jasmine Lily Healing Mask

Full review here. This was one of those rare instant love products for me and I loved it so much that I've already bought the full size. Yes it's expensive but I've never used a mask that's this hydrating and leaves my dry skin feeling so plumped, nourished and comfortable. If you have dry, dehydrated skin I urge you to pop into Mecca and grab a sample. Don't hate me if you end up loving it though because at $123 AUD a pop, it ain't cheap! Purchase? Already have.

In sum

This wasn't a great bunch of empties but it does contain a lot of Project Pan items so that makes me happy. What also makes me happy is moving more items out of my collection - particularly because I'll be doing another makeup inventory post in January so I'm keen to get my numbers down before then. The best item in here is the Chantecaille mask, hands down, but I loved the coffee scrub too.

Hope all's well with you guys, and speak soon x

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