Sukin Energising Body Scrub with Coffee and Coconut - review


I received this travel-sized Sukin body scrub from a sub box and since I've wound up with so many smaller-sized products recently and am starting to feel overwhelmed, I decided to open it straight away and use it up until it was all gone, which it now almost is.

Sukin has been a hit-and-miss brand for me: I love the cleanser and mask that I've tried but the moisturisers just haven't hit the mark. Fortunately this product is another hit and I've really enjoyed using it, and I'll certainly keep it in mind to buy in future because it's not expensive and I do like it enough to use it again.

Sukin claims/product details:
  • Utilising indulgent and aromatic coffee extracts and coconut shell, this body exfoliator works to effectively polish and stimulate the surface of the skin
  • Aloe vera, coconut oil and jojoba oil provide lasting hydration that will soften the skin’s appearance for a smooth complexion
  • Added rosehip and vitamin e provide important antioxidants and nutrients to maintain a healthy glow
  • Paraben free
  • To use: massage into damp skin in the shower; rinse well with warm water; use once or twice a week
  • RRP $14.99 for 200ml


This is a nice product and I recommend it if you're looking for an inexpensive body scrub. It mightn't be the best scrub I've ever used, but it's readily available and you can often find it on special, so it's one to keep in mind for the next time that Priceline has a sale.

It's a cream product that contains fine coffee grounds and it indeed smells like coffee and coconut. If you like the idea of all those coffee scrubs flooding the market these days but don't like how messy they can be, then this might be the product for you because it gives you the coffee scent and effect without all the mess that a dry scrub can bring.

I squeeze a good dollop of this out and spread it over my skin, and I like how easy it is to use because the product adheres well and allows you to use it under the shower without risking losing half of it in the process (which can happen with the dry scrubs mentioned above).

It contains enough scrubby matter to allow you to give your skin a good polish, although I do find that I need to use quite a bit each time to cover my whole body. This is probably the only downside to the product: although it's not expensive, it didn't take many uses for me to finish this 50ml tube (perhaps five?), so you'll get through the bottle quite quickly if you need to use as much per application as I do.

The good news is that it's not drying like some scrubs can be and I do think the oils included in the formula help make it more of a hydrating scrub than one that strips the skin. I still need to moisturise after I've used it, but my skin is dry so I always do that anyway - other may not need to.

In sum, this is a great little scrub and I recommend it. While it mightn't be the most effective scrub that I've tried, it does the job and it smells awesome so it's a winner in my books.


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