Rituals Miracle Hand Scrub - review


Earlier this year I bought a bundle of Rituals products because I was in need of body care and I wanted to treat myself with things I wouldn't normally buy - I usually shop for body stuff in the clearance section at the chemist because I spend most of my dough on facial skincare. But since I had a discount for 20 per cent off and was feeling sorry for myself in the throes of my third trimester, I was happy to load up my cart!

This was one of the items I bought because I hadn't owned a hand scrub for ages and they're one of those non-essential things for me that I don't normally buy, but I always enjoy them when I have one.

Rituals claims/product details:
  • A hand scrub containing oils that are easily absorbed, restoring the skin’s elasticity and moisture balance
  • Enriched with ginseng, the symbol of immortality
  • In Japan, ginkgo biloba stands for life and strength
  • Removes dead skin cells and roughness, leaving your hands feeling softer and smoother
  • Ultra-softening and revitalising
  • Designed for daily use
  • To use: scrub and massage on dry hands; rinse and dry; follow with your favourite hand cream for ultimate results
  • RRP $24 AUD for 75g, but do shop around


This is a really beautiful product, and although I don't think it's an essential for me, it's something I'm enjoying while I have it.

It's a white gel cream with a sweet scent and it melts into the skin when applied. It does contain scrubby matter but it's not harsh and the grains dissolve into your hands as you work the product in. 

I do use quite a lot when I apply this so my tube is vanishing faster than I would like, but that's because I squeeze out enough to use on my feet as well (because why not?!), so I'm sure it would last others a lot longer than it's lasting me.

What I love about this is how beautifully nourishing it feels when applied: it's more creamy and hydrating than eg a body scrub, so it's indeed a good product to use on your hands and feet because I find body scrubs a little too much for those areas, which are drier than the rest of my body.

I also love how soft and hydrated my hands feel after use. I've mentioned before that my hands have been super dry lately (comes with the territory when you have a newborn/infant because you're always washing your hands or applying sanitiser before holding them), so I'd been saving this product to crack open after birth because I was expecting it. Turns out that was a good idea because this has certainly helped my hands feel more comfortable than they did before I started using it.

On the claims: yes the product absorbs well and restores the skin's moisture levels; yes it removes dead skin cells and leaves your hands feeling smoother; and yes it's ultra-softening and leaves your hands feeling wonderfully soft and nourished. I also think you could use this daily if you wanted to, but I'm trying to ration mine so I'm only using it twice a week.

All in all, I think this is a gorgeous product and I recommend it. It's the perfect gift for the beauty lover who already has everything, so it's something to keep in mind if you're strapped for gift ideas as we come into Christmas. While I mightn't always have it in my shower because I have enough products cluttering my shelves as it is, it's something I'd be happy to repurchase in future if I need a treat.


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