SK-II RNA Power Eye Cream - review


We received this sample eye cream in one of our Ageless Parcels, and while 2.5g of product wouldn't normally be enough to write a full review, it's more than enough for an eye cream review - and indeed I've been using this every night for a month now and my tub is still going strong.

SK-II is one of those brands that I've always wanted to try but it's in a prohibitive price bracket, so I haven't tried much aside from a sheet mask and a little vial of its fabled essence. Up until now I haven't been too impressed, but this eye cream is right up my street and it's one I recommend if you have cash to burn on beautiful skincare.

SK-II claims/product details:
  • From SK-II’s award-winning RNA Power series comes another anti-ageing breakthrough
  • Combining the power of Radical New Age Complex (*hydrolyzed soy protein & hydrolyzed yeast protein) and concentrated PITERA™
  • With the strength of Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4 and Chlolleragen (*chlorella vulgaris extract), this unique eye cream gives you firmness around the eyes, and at the same time enhances skin surface renewal
  • Has a light, creamy texture that’s easily absorbed by skin, filling it with moisture
  • Also has a light fragrance that will help relax you as you care for your skin
  • Moisturises and firms eyes during the day, reverses skin age at night
  • After one jar, fine lines become less visible and eyes appear brighter
  • Improves various signs of ageing and the skin around the eye area becomes firmer, smoother and more radiant
  • RRP $149 AUD for 15ml, but do shop around


This is a beautiful eye cream and my dry, dehydrated and sleep-deprived skin is really enjoying it. While I prefer a lighter eye cream for day, this is nicely rich so it's slotted into my evening skincare routine perfectly and I don't want to finish my sample!

It's a rich, creamy product that feels wonderfully nourishing on my dry eyes. While it is on the thick side, I don't find it too heavy so you might be ok with it even if you prefer lighter creams. It does have a slight scent (it just smells fresh and light to me), but I'm barely aware of it when I use the product and I can only smell it if I hold the tub to my nose - so it's worth testing even if you're sensitive to fragrance because you might be ok with this.

I've found that I only need a tiny amount of this cream per application: with most eye creams I need a a grain of rice per eye, but with this I can get away with half that amount. This means it's good value for money because it will last longer than other eye creams, and since I'm only using it at night anyway, I imagine that the full size would last me at least six months.

After use, my dry eyes feel comfortable and beautifully nourished. While the cream is on the rich side, it's not too much and I can wear this under makeup if I want to - I've only been using it at night because I don't want my tub to finish too quickly.

On the claims, I do think this has a temporary firming effect and it's definitely easily absorbed; it does feel like it fills the skin with moisture; and my eye area does look brighter, more radiant and less lined after use. While I don't think there's been any huge results over the month that I've been testing it, my eye area is definitely more hydrated than it was before using this so I'm pleased about that. And hydrated skin generally looks younger than dehydrated skin, so there's some truth to the anti-ageing claim at least.

In sum, this is a great little eye cream and, believe it or not, I do think it's worth the hefty price-tag. You know me, I don't normally say that pricey products are worth the dough because plenty of decent, less expensive options exist - but in this case I'm prepared to say that this one is an exception. This is largely because it will last me twice as long as most other eye creams so it makes up its value in price-per-application, but also because it's just a nice product that works for my skin.


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