Maslow & Co Global Beauty Box, December 2016 - unboxing and first impressions


I was super excited when this showed up on our doorstep over the weekend: I'd been eagerly awaiting it because Maslow & Co is my favourite of the three beauty boxes I'm subscribed to, and I was looking forward to seeing what goodies would be in this edit.

While I do think it's a good box overall and it contains some products I can't wait to try, it's my least favourite of the Maslow & Co boxes to date, in large part because it's heavier on makeup than usual and I prefer skincare in my sub boxes: I have more than enough makeup already and I'm quite picky about the stuff I keep in my collection.

There are the contents above. While it's good value as always and contains a nice range of products, I reckon it's less cohesive than the other boxes I've received from Maslow & Co thus far - which have had more focused offerings (eg some contained more skincare, some more body care etc) and the products tended to pair well together. This one feels a bit jumbled to me, and while that doesn't mean it's a bad box, I think this aspect has affected my first impressions of the box overall.

Also, I'm a bit suspicious of the Manna Kadar palette, which just doesn't feel or look like it's great quality and it's too much of a glitter-fest for my personal tastes.

Anyhoo. Let's have a look : )

Shu Uemera Art Series 2.0 Silk Bloom Restorative Conditioner (RRP $58 AUD for 250ml; received full size)

This was the Maven Gift for the month and gosh it's pretty! I received the version for damaged hair (that's me) and I look forward to using it - I don't buy high-end haircare so this is something of a rare treat. 

While like many I prefer to receive hair products with their matching partners, in this case I'll live without the shampoo because it's a bonus product and a good-looking full size to boot. Plus it's the most expensive item in the box so I'm hoping it's good! I also haven't tried anything from Shu Uemera yet and I've been wanting to. Looking forward.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer (RRP $19 AUD for 3g deluxe travel size)

This is a product that doesn't need any introduction - the much-loved Benefit Hoola Bronzer. Believe it or not, I've never owned or even tried this product (what kind of beauty junkie am I?!) so I'm super pleased that I'll finally have the chance.

According to the card, the bronzer has 'almost perfect colouration' and looks completely natural with no orange tint. It's buildable and matte (love me a matte bronzer), and it's not warm so you can also use it to contour. I'm really happy that I'll finally be able to try this without committing to a full-sized purchase. Huzzah!

Manna Kadar Day Dream Palette (RRP $53 AUD; received full size)

According to the product booklet, Manna Kadar is an entrepreneur who has opened a chain of prestige cosmetic boutiques in California. The palette contains six eyeshadows, a bronzer, a blush and a highlighter. It's designed for carting around on the go and the packaging is apparently made of high-grade card that's lightweight and sturdy.

There's what it looks like below:

Now it might just be me, but these powders don't look like they're great quality - particularly the row of face powders at the bottom (they look gritty and chunky to me). The palette is also heavy on the sparkle, which isn't something I like for an everyday look and I especially don't like it in my blushes and bronzers.

Note, though, that I haven't tested or even swatched these yet so I could well be wrong and the formula might be amazing. Let's hope this is a 'don't judge a powder by its appearance' situation. I'll give the palette a go and report back with my thoughts in a separate post.

Wyte Luxe Whitening Applicator (RRP $29.95 AUD for 5ml; received full size)

According to the booklet, this is a chic pen applicator containing a gentle but brightly effective whitening gel. It should lift stains from your teeth without damaging enamel and looks easier to use than many other whitening treatments.

I do actually need a teeth-whitening product and it's something I've kept forgetting to buy, so I'm pleased that now I don't have to! It's also an Australian product so it should be easy-enough to come by if I like it. Fingers crossed.

Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar (RRP $8.95 AUD; received full size)

I know that a lot of people love the packaging of Korean products like this one and find them cute and fun, and while I do see the fun side of course, they're not things I want to cart around in my purse and pull out in business meetings when my lips are dry (as they always are). Imagine that ; )

Apparently the gloss is super nourishing and coats the lips in a beautifully wearable sheen. While I don't need any more lip glosses, I do use them so this won't go astray. 

Beenigma Face Cream (RRP $17.95 AUD for 5ml deluxe travel size)

I can't tell you how excited I am about this one. If you watch Tati on youtube, this is one of her favourite products and I'm thrilled to have the chance to try it. It's the inclusion of products like this that confirms the curators of Maslow & Co boxes really know beauty.

The product apparently uses bee venom to 'trick' the skin into thinking it has been stung, thus producing the skin-smoothing collagen needed for youthful skin. Clever, if a little scary when you think about it ; ) The product also contains Manuka honey, which is good for clearing the complexion. This is my favourite item in the box and I can't wait to get stuck into it.

Zelens Transformer Instant Renewal Mask (RRP $47 AUD for 15ml deluxe travel size)

I've used a Zelens cream before and fell head-over-heels for it, but couldn't justify buying it because it's a super expensive brand and outside my price range. I'm hoping I'll love this mask just as much and it's the second-most exciting item in the box for me because I love good skincare and I have a feeling this will be great.

Apparently it's dubbed 'the red carpet of facials' and it should give you firmer, more refined skin, and rapidly change the look of your complexion. Sounds like something I need!

Neogen Bio Peel Gauze in Wine and Lemon (RRP $1.50 AUD for one)

When I first saw these, I thought 'oh oh, not more bloody sheet masks', but thankfully they're something else altogether. Thank god - I've had more than enough sheet masks show up in sub boxes over the last few years.

Apparently these are both mechanical and chemical peels, which means they work at a deep-into-the-pores level as well as on the surface level of your skin. Red wine is meant to be good for ageing or dull skin, while lemon brightens dull or pigmented skin.

I'm looking forward to trying these because I like decent exfoliating products that are easy to use, so they sound right up my street. 

In sum

While this is a good box, I've preferred the others I've received from Maslow & Co this year - quite possibly because they contained less makeup and more skincare.

The RRP total of the contents clocks in at just under $180 AUD (or approx $237, if you include the Maven Gift), so the value is definitely there and it's a box that contains a good range of products.

I'm most excited about the items from Beenigma, Zelens and Benefit, so I'll look forward to using those and letting you know how I go.

Did you receive this box? Let me know what you think of it if so : )

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