Project Pan 2016 mini update #33


Although we're rolling quickly towards the end of the panning year, I wanted to slot these two empties into a mini update before my Project Pan 2016 finale post - purely because I'm lazy and wanted two less products to photograph in my last PP post of the year ; )

So I'm pleased to report that I've knocked two more items off my PP list: my Bodyography Lipstick in Smooch (reviewed here) and my Bodyography Lip Gloss in Pucker Up (reviewed here).

I removed the stopper from the gloss and got as much product out as I could before calling it done, and as usual I decided not to scrape out the remaining product inside the lipstick's base because I would rather start working on a different lipstick and get good use from something else.

There they are again below, and note the piece of paper (top right) that I've used to mark my monthly progress on Smooch:

Neither of these items took me long to pan: lip products rarely do. It's powders that I struggle with most!

Not only am I pleased to have crossed two more items off my PP list, but I now have two less products in my makeup inventory (see makeup inventory post here).

I've decided not to replace these two products with anything else from my collection just yet because I would rather hold off on introducing new items until we start Project Pan 2017.

That's all from me! Let me know if you're managing to meet your panning goals as we head towards the New Year.

Speak soon x

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