Be a Bombshell Silhouette Mascara in Nightfall (black) - review and swatches


I received this product in my February 2016 Lust Have It Women's Box (unboxed here), and I had so many mascaras in backlog at the time that I wasn't able to open it until the beginning of November.

Now that I have opened it, it's one of those products that I'm only suffering because I have one other unopened mascara in stock and no more, and since I'm fairly housebound these days after having my second child, it doesn't really matter how good my lashes look so I'll deal with it for a little longer before sending it to the empties bin.

So yes, I don't like it and it just doesn't work for me. More on that in a sec.

Be a Bombshell claims/product details:
  • A rich and pigmented mascara 
  • Volumising formula 
  • Offers a multidimensional look
  • RRP $21 AUD (it costs $6 USD, my golly!)

There's the dastardly brush (it's too damn big):

My bare lashes for reference (not much lash to see here ; )):

Wearing one coat of product (click on any image to enlarge it):

There's a close-up:


This isn't a great product and I don't have much to say about it so I'll be brief.

In short - actually, 'short' is the problem - this doesn't do much for my lashes at all. It adds a bit of definition but it does little in terms of length and thickness.

I also think the brush is badly designed because it tends to deposit clumps of product on my lashes and I have to do extra work to spread the mascara out and make it look even. This means I need an eyelash comb when I use it, and who can be bothered with that.

Also, the brush is too big. This means I struggle to deposit the product close to the lashline (you can see that in the above shots - there's a bare ring at the base of my lashes), and it also means I invariably wind up with mascara on my upper and lower eye areas that I need to clean up. 

This of course means that I wind up with bare patches on my face where I've removed the mascara blobs and lifted my eyeshadow and concealer in the process. Not ideal. Damn annoying, in fact.

On that, I don't know why brands persist in making mascara brushes that are too big. Not once have I seen anyone say: 'The brush is so big that it makes applying the product super easy!' Indeed, most reviewers will say quite the opposite, and while I think I find big brushes harder than others because I have hooded eyes, chunky brushes are difficult for most people to use so I'm not alone there.

So in sum, this mascara is difficult to use because the wand is too fat, it doesn't add much at all in terms of length and volume, and it also clumps so I need to use an eyelash comb to manage the problem. Argh. The only good news is that it doesn't smudge or flake throughout the day.

Low marks from me.

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