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I received this 10ml sample of Kate Somerville's Goat Milk Moisturising Cream in my last Mecca Beauty Loop Box, and while it is only 10ml in size, I've been using it consistently for a month now (whether morning, evening or both) and I reckon that's more than enough time to review a product like this.

The cream has been doing the rounds in the beauty community for a while now so I was keen to try it, and thankfully I haven't been disappointed: it's just a beautifully simple everyday cream and it's one I recommend if you have a decent skincare budget and need something nice that just works.

Kate Somerville claims/product details:
  • Soothe, smooth and hydrate deeply with this nourishing moisturiser
  • Suitable for even the most delicate, sensitive skin 
  • Inspired by the milk baths her mother would give her to soothe and calm her very dry skin, Kate Somerville formulated this nourishing cream for sensitive, dry or damaged skin, or those prone to redness or rosacea
  • This updated take on the classic, cult-favourite Goat Milk Cream allows for better spreadability and absorption
  • Enriched with biologically-active milk polypeptides to repair dry skin, lactose to soothe and exfoliate gently, and aloe, jojoba and avocado to hydrate and condition
  • Skin is left smooth, soft and calm, and pH levels are restored
  • RRP $94 AUD for 120ml


This is a really lovely product and I'm enjoying using it. It's worth mentioning that skincare expert Caroline Hirons raves about this one, and she knows her stuff so that usually tells me a product is worth trying. And indeed this one is.

It's a thin, lightweight cream with a faint scent. I have to hold the cream up to my nose to smell it, and it smells slightly sour and milky to me but not in a way I find offensive.

It spreads and absorbs beautifully and a little goes a long way, so you don't need much per application and while it does leave a slightly tacky finish, it dries down soon enough so it doesn't bother me and my skin just looks hydrated and more radiant after use.

To start with I was using this as my morning cream and opting for an oil at night, but now that the weather's warmer and I can do with just a sunscreen as my moisturiser because my skin's not so dry, I'm using this as my night cream and I'm pleased to report that it does enough for my dry skin to keep it feeling hydrated and comfortable.

Indeed, I was quite surprised by how hydrating and nourishing this is on my skin because I'm used to needing thicker, richer creams at night. But this product just proves the point that creams don't have to be heavy in order to moisturise, and this does a great job without feeling too rich. So if you have skin that's prone to breakouts but still needs hydration, I'd give this a test because you may find that it strikes the right balance between adding nourishment without clogging pores, as it does for me.

On the claims: this does soothe, smooth and deeply hydrate/nourish; it is suitable for my sensitive skin; it does seem well-geared for dry or damaged skin; and it does spread and absorb well. I can't say whether it repairs the skin because it's hard to see that in action, and I can't comment on its efficacy with things like redness and rosacea because I don't suffer from those things. Also, while I haven't noticed any kind of exfoliation, I do think it conditions and leaves the skin feeling softer, calmer and more balanced.

One thing to note is that this product doesn't have the best reviews on the few websites I've checked (eg Mecca and makeupalley), with a few people saying that they don't like the smell or the results. I have to disagree: I think this is a beautiful cream that should suit many skin types, and even though the full size costs $94 AUD, you do get a whopping 120ml of product. 

Given that this 10ml sample will last me over a month, the full size would last me at least a year of daily use. That makes it excellent value in my books, and I don't think it works out to be super expensive in the scheme of things.

A beautiful product.

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