Rimmel Radiance BB Cream in 002 Medium - review and swatches


I received this Rimmel BB Cream in a recent edition of Marie Claire's The Parcel, and while I don't intend to keep it because the colour isn't right for me, the product is actually a lot better than I expected.

Having said this, I wouldn't class it as a BB cream - it's too thick for that and is closer to a foundation - so do be aware of that if it's something you've had your eye on.

Rimmel claims/product details:
  • 9-in-1: primes, smooths, conceals, helps minimise the appearance of pores, provides natural coverage, moisturises for 24 hours, awakens tired skin, brightens the skin with vitamin C complex; and gives a radiant finish
  • Light coverage for a healthy looking glow
  • RRP $12.95 for 30ml

Above I've swatched it in direct sunlight and below in natural light.

In each photo, there's an unblended blob on the left, a partially blended one in the middle, and I've blended it out on the right. You can see the consistency/coverage is quite thick for a BB cream.

Below I've blended it out and taken the photo in direct sunlight:

And there we are again in natural light:

There's my bare face for reference:

There I am in direct sunlight, wearing one layer of product:

 And again in natural light (you can see the matte finish and heavier coverage here):


As mentioned above, this BB cream is a lot better than I thought it would be, and if I didn't have so many bases in stock, I would be considering hanging on to this and finding a way to make it work for me (eg by adding a little moisturiser so the coverage wasn't so thick).

As it is, however, I have products on hand that I don't need to mix and that are a better colour match for my skin without being adapted, so I plan to send this product to a better home now that I've tested it.

My main issues with this product are:
  • The colour: this is more of a light-medium shade than a true medium one and it leans more pink-toned than yellow, and I look better with yellow or neutral-based products.
  • The finish: it's a little too matte for my tastes. I prefer a dewy finish and this one doesn't deliver that so I'd rather something that makes me look glowy on its own, rather than me having to add something glowy on top of this to combat the mattifying effect.
  • The coverage: it's too thick for me and the coverage is heavier than any other BB or CC cream I've tried. I wouldn't quite call it full coverage, but it's certainly more full than I'm used to and I prefer something lighter.

I've also found with this cream that my skin needs to be hydrated before using it or it can be hard to spread and it can also cling to dry patches. You can of course combat this issue with a decent primer, but it's worth mentioning that it can require some extra prep if your skin isn't at its best.

I've seen others mention the bits of glitter in this product (I guess that's why it's called a 'radiance' BB) but I haven't noticed these at all. Either the formula has been changed a bit or the glitter factor can vary from batch to batch or from shade to shade (people complaining of the glitter issue generally seem to have used a lighter shade).

On the product claims: it does conceal and the coverage is reasonably natural (although I can definitely see it on my skin); I don't think it's particularly moisturising or brightening, but the finish is ok and I think it does make your skin look smoother.

In sum, if you're after a slightly lighter coverage than you'd get from a foundation, you might really like this product - particularly if you prefer a matte finish. I wouldn't recommend it if your skin tends towards dryness, and I'd also give it a miss if you don't like using products that show up on your skin (you can see in my above face shots that it's clear I'm wearing a base product).

Not bad, not great.

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