Sportsgirl Pout About It! Lip Colour in Tutti Frutti - review and swatches


I haven't reviewed one of these lipsticks for ages - indeed, I've only ever reviewed Enchanted, a purple shade that I love (see here) - but I do have a few of these lippies now because they're so reasonably priced and excellent products.

Indeed, I reckon Sportsgirl's lipsticks are up there with Shanghai Suzy's, which is saying something because SS lippies are my HG products.

I picked up this shade in the clearance bin for 45 cents, which I was super excited about at the time because it's my kind of colour and I've had such a great experience of these lipsticks in the past, but unfortunately this one isn't up to scratch - it's chalky and grainy and I'm wondering if it's a bad formulation or if it was getting a bit old (hence being in the clearance bin).

Anyhoo. After trialling it for a couple of weeks, I've decided to turf it.

Life's too short for crap lipsticks.

Sportsgirl claims/product details:
  • Vibrant lipstick colour that moisturises and protects
  • Not tested on animals
  • 'Tutti Frutti' is a peachy, creamsicle shade in the matte formula
  • RRP $9.95 for 4g

There's the colour above and below. You can imagine that a shade like this could look a little chalky if the formula wasn't great.

My bare lips for reference:

Just a note on the below photos: it took me FOREVER to get shots of this product that I was reasonably happy with. My golly. I don't know why, but it just didn't want to photograph. In the end I had to resort to a couple of shots using the flash on my camera, just to get it to show up well.


Anyhoo. The below shot is taken outside in natural light. You can see that the lipstick goes on unevenly and clings to dry patches.

There we are indoors, with flash (it looks a bit warmer due to the flash, but at least you can see it better):

One more for good measure:


Do note that this is the only Sporsgirl lipstick I've come across so far that I haven't liked, and I have about six of them now (minus one since I've just turfed this one).

Something about the formula is off here: it doesn't apply evenly and it feels a little grainy on the lips. It's not drying but it does cling to dry patches, so it doesn't look great on.

As mentioned above, I'm not sure whether Sportsgirl missed the mark with this particular colour, or whether it was just getting a little old because it was from last season's range. Annoying. And even more annoying that I couldn't get good photos of it!

The other Sportsgirl lipsticks I own are a dream to apply and wear. They're hydrating, pigmented and creamy. Plus they last amazingly well, particularly given their low price.

In sum, this product is a miss but we'll give Sportsgirl a pass for one bad product because all the others I own are excellent.

Low marks from me I'm afraid.

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